• I would be delighted to receive flowers from a woman it's a lovely thoughful thing to do! : )
  • I live in Ukraine where it is fairly common for teachers, musicians et cetera to get flowers. I still feel funny about it. Why should a pretty young girl give flowers to a homely old man? I just give them to my wife anyway!
  • Flowers? Naw, a bit too sissy for my taste. But I'd be thrilled with a call girl
  • Well I am not a man but I would not send flowers to a man unless I knew he would appreciate them. Much better I think to send a nice note or card with a message you write - something of yourself.
  • You don't say if this is an established relationship, if you are just getting to know this guy, or if you are sending a message that you are interested but I think, in general, flowers is a good idea.

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