• Nobody is is how you feel that counts...sometimes people less beautiful all have heart of gold while stars are proud and not so is the heart that counts
  • are you serious? i don't think you're ugly...
  • The only form of uglyness i tend to notice in some people is behaviour wise.No one is truly ugly and no one is truly beautiful. Well to me to me that is.
  • Well for what it's worth you look like a good-looking guy to me, but I think that in general ugly people will be judged differently by many others, even if subconsciously, than good-looking people, though of course not everyone will.
  • i can mail you a paper bag
  • Is that your picture in your avatar? if so, no you're NOT ugly.
  • Ugly depends upon a person's perception. No wars would be fought over me nor would anyone give me a second glance on the road ever. I have crooked teeth and a nose too big for my face but I still do not think I am ugly. Let me tell you my story: A month or two after my permanent incisors came out I had a nasty fall and broke it in half. The nerve was damaged and the tooth turned black. I was around 9/10 years old. You know how cruel kids can be at that age. I became a total introvert. I had just one best friend who was a friend since we were in kindergarten and incidentally the reason for my fall. I just stopped talking to people. Then I went to college and same story my friends group was my group as I did not have the guts to open my mouth and speak as I feared ridicule. I was the smartest academically in that group and my great results helped me get admission in an even better college where I knew no one. For an entire month I would go to college attend lectures and come home without having spoken to a soul. Then some kind hearted students kind of adopted me. One fine day one of the most sort after guys in class came up to me and point blank asked me "Why don't you ever smile?" and I blurted out its my broken front tooth. He held my chin and I still remember his exact words today 22 years later:"What broken tooth? I never noticed." Those words changed my life, my perception everything. Today I am one of the most confident and extroverted persons I know and I've learnt to accept that some people will laugh at your physical appearance always but most just look at the person. Change the way you look at yourself.
  • If you are intent on convincing yourself that you are ugly there is no hope for you. I suggest you give up this mindset. Stop comparing yourself with the physical appearances and attributes of other people around you. Work on developing the beautiful mindset you have by cultivating all possible positive attitudes. You will discover for yourself that you have a beutiful mind that will go out to accommodate and help all others. A beautiful mind can give an ugly appearance a run for its money any time.
  • The only kind of "ugly" that counts is ugly inside. I'll look upon you the same way you look upon others who do not meet society's standards of so-called "beauty"...that will tell me at lot about the only quality I really care about.
  • Sab what are you on about? You are far from being ugly, but even if you were, it wouldn't be of any concern to me unless you let it affect your own peace of mind and happiness, which of course is what matters most :)
  • you are NOT ugly!!!!
  • the fact of materialistic world is that 'rich ugly' is sometime preferred to' poor beautiful'.
  • Yes you are... hard luck.
  • The truth shall set you free: ugly is ugly
  • There is no ugliness in the world, except that which is self-perceived. The only one who controls whether or not you are ugly is you. I hate to go all "Stuart Smiley" on you, but all you have to do is convince yourself of your beauty and you'll never be ugly again. Hope this helps.
  • You aren't ugly. Inside or out. You're a fine person who is intelligent, caring and passionate about your beliefs. I have often admired your avatar and thought to myself that you are rather handsome.
  • I am no Greek god my friend and I do not have a problem in knowing that. I never view ugly as being a visual thing. Ugly comes by actions and reactions and how we treat others. As for you, and concerning your looks I see nothing that would indicate an ugly person or unattractive. I mean I would not date you but that is because my boat doesn't float in those waters :) but you seem like a decent guy to me.
  • You do not look ugly to me. Take another look at yourself.
  • Being ugly in no way is bad. After all, if God loves each and every creation he has made, who are we to judge people. Its the beauty of the mind that stands above all.
  • You are you and there is no concern in my mind at all. However, are you classifying yourself as ugly or is this the general consensus of society? And, what criteria was used for measurement? Usually all this is in the eye of the beholder and we tend to judge ourselves much more critically that do others.
  • women dont judge your face. they judge your heart. when they love your heart. they also love your face.
  • There is nothing wrong about being ugly, first off ugly should not be in the dictionary or even a word. Every person is born different and if you considered ugly people are just judging you by your looks and that is not very smart of them. All you got to know is that being ugly is unique.
  • I'm ugly too and I don't care what people think.
  • I've learned to LIVE with my ugliness...even got the city to take down the BIOHAZARD sign--in front of my house!!!
  • I'm sure you're not ugly. Everyone seems to be stuck on lookism and judge each other on how they look - to them.
  • Nobody who knows as much about the Harry Potter series could be ugly in my eyes... ;) Only thing about ugly people is when they limit themselves, and its their experiences & how they handle themselves that ruins it for me. They become angry and jeolous. In some ways were all ugly people; just different levels of it.
  • Yes, you are very ugly indeed. But I still like you. I'm just glad that I'm not as ugly as you.

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