• I wouldn't say you are the only one, but I would say you are definitely a minority...can't say that I agree with you.
  • No you are not alone, I agree with you!!
  • No you are not the only one. However, there are only one or two others out there. What color is the sky in your world?
  • Nope, you're not the only one, no matter what anyone who disagrees with Bush says... The President only has so much power... Congress has quite a bit of say in things... And once things have started, there's not much the Pres can do but the best he can. But people tend not to THINK about things like that, but FEEL more. What's sad is those rude, crude, and socially unacceptable jerks who booed him when he simply showed up (as he should have) at Obama's inauguration. Does it really matter at that point whether you like him or not? Can't people give him a few points for keeping the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, rather than on our own and on other country's shores? That what they are doing doesn't reflect as much on him, as on themselves and on the Presidency, itself. Ah, well... Just consider that there are a lot of idiots out there who are now not even giving Obama a chance. Sad to say, many are Republican, as am I. Personally, I'm going to give him the chance, and reserve judgment. We'll see what happens.
  • I have no doubt that George Bush "tried the best he could as president..." What disturbs me is that I believe the job was beyond him, that he didn't have the intellectual capacity for the job, nor the personality nor the general equipment. And it further disappoints me that at least 50% of the people, twice, disagreed with me. Since I can't realistically accuse half the country's voting population as being mentally defective (though I occasionally have my doubts) I am forced to conclude my opinion is not fully shared. But there's my opinion, since you asked.
  • Well, I guess I could try to agree with you...if you agree with me that Osama Ben Laden may not be that much of a bad guy? Hey, just sayin.
  • He was not perfect, in fact, he made some very bad mistakes. On the other hand he did some great things. I'd give him a half-assed ataboy.+2
  • No, you are not alone. However, you are in America's smallest minority.
  • But he didn't "try his best", that's the problem. We could give him a pass on just not being that bright -- nobody can be blamed for their I.Q., of course -- but it doesn't excuse things like suppressing knowledge that was available, distorting facts to support a position, ignoring situations that were getting out of control because he had personal biases in the matter, etc. It's a question not of ability, but of character. Of course we would like to have the smartest, most capable person we can find for President. But most important of all is to have someone with the integrity and values appropriate to leadership of our large and complex nation. That is where he failed.
  • Sadly, you're not the only person who believes that, but you're part of a very small group. Bush fully earned all the bad things that were said about him. He was a turd in an expensive suit.
  • No. Sadly, there is no shortage of fools.
  • Yes. You're pretty much the only person who thinks that.
  • I'm sure many people feel the same as you about the first part of your question, although I think you are in a tiny minority with the second part.
  • No- i agree with u . Bush did well and people were rude- oh well- no class. He got rid of that piece of shit sadam- that guy was nothing but trouble
  • nop u r not alone. i think he did his job to save his country
  • I respectfully disagreed with the previous President about many things and will respectfully disagree with the current President about a lot more. The point is, I RESPECTFULLY disagree. Leftists didn't respectfully disagree with President Bush; they libelled, slandered, cursed and trashed him. The reason is not the things he did. As Newsweek recently pointed out, Obama is going to be doing many of the same things Bush did. The reason is because leftists are bad people. They think they're good because they believe that their actions will bring about Utopia, but they have no rational reason to believe so since wherever they have had complete control they've turned it into purgatory instead. Soviet Union, communist China, North Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, Easter Germany, now Venezuela is slipping over the edge.... every one of them says "This time I'll do better" and every one of them turns into a big concentration camp.
  • You are not alone.
  • I agree with you completely! I love Bush! He is such a great man and deserves nothing but praise for all the good he has done for our country! People look at him in a negative way because all of the false accusations made. He didn't CAUSE "global warming" if there is such a thing, and he didn't CAUSE A NATURAL DISASTER such as Hurrican Katrina. People are so STUPID!!!!!!!!!! Good Question, points for you!!!
  • No, your not alone. I am very thankful for his hard work and efforts.
  • i agree completely
  • No,I aree with you.
  • But they were true and he didn't give a shit about the average person in the US he only cared that him and his friends made lots of cash. Hello check out the economy which he f'd up. He was not doing his best he was trying to impress his daddy.

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