• Personally I feel he/she should find someone.It's really sad to see someone single,at least in my Country where very few people live as a single!
  • I love her with all my heart....she's my mother.
  • I am the neighbour that lives alone. They all seem quite friendly though.
  • I live alone and people tend to be slightly iffy on me as they think there must be something wrong with me.I have a neighbour that lives alone as well,there okay i guess.Each to there own so to speak.I guess if people dont know you they tend to think you have always been on your own or that you cant live with others.Me i am currently single and am just enjoying the space at the moment.My neighbour has been through the works and is probably enjoying her space as well .She is one of the most independent people i know.I am happy for her.
  • thats ok with me.
  • I do have a neighbor that lives alone....she is a very friendly person, always asking if she can give my outside dogs bones and treats.
  • I think there must be a good reason behind it, but it doesn't bother me at all.
  • i will try to give him a laugh
  • I actually had a neighbour who lived alone. He was a war veteran and inherited this mansion-like house from his parents. However, he had no electricity, or gas, or plumbing. He sat out on his porch in a beach chair all day, wearing a ripped up shirt. During winter, he would light up coals inside to stay warm. Local meals-on-wheels guys supported his nutrition needs, as well as a local pizza place. His living room was literally a garbage dump. He was a cool guy though. I always talked to him whenever I left my house..he was always there, smiling & enthusiastic! A couple of other old timers talked to him too. I still see him when I visit my old neighborhood... Wow..this turned into quite a story o.O
  • In my vicinity,15 detached houses, there are 8 people living on their own I get on fine with all of them,5 are widows or widowers in their 70's,the other three are male divorcees who were wiped out by their ex, we have a wonderful community spirit...
  • Oh they must be .... hey wait a minute, that's me !! :) Now I'm starting to wonder what the neighbors must think !!! (lol) (I don't really care)
  • I have a neighbour that lives alone and its my grandma so i try and keep my eye on her as much as possible.
  • I have many neighbors that live alone and none of them are strange or violent!
  • I dunno! I am the one who lives by myself (well with my son) Every one of my neighbors is married but me.
  • Different strokes for different folks but we are all created to live in a +/- relationship and to live without that is not really to live.
  • She is a widowed lady and I think she's great.
  • Believe it or not I have never had a neighbor, when I lived with my parents the house was huge and no one around that I would run into. Now that I live alone I have a loft and no neighbors anywhere in sight. I suppose that if I had neighbors I would not be comfortable.

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