• Genius? No The Ackley Improved family of wildcat cartridges was made to fill his need for research. How many are still in use? How many people know of him? Eugene Stoner is a name in firearm's history.
  • Ackley did a lot of experimenting, did considerable design work on cartridge dimensions, was a gunsmith who developed quite a few cartridges with his own dimensions and generally was considered very influential back in the 40's to the 60's. I believe his work was mostly with cartridge design and handloading as opposed to action designs. He worked primarily with bolt action and single shot rifles. I don't know what qualifies as a genius but I do know he did a lot of work and published a lot and was highly respected by the entire firearms community duing his years of productivity.
  • I would like to develop a 50BMG-Ackley improved. Some way to get better velocities with less powder consumption. 248 grains per load just eats too much powder.
  • _P O Ackley was a firearms experimenter but also a very fine gunsmith. He also loved classic cars. He was very hard of hearing also and hard to talk to unless you literally hollered over the phone. Yes P O Ackley was f firearms genius. His acconplishments are far far to many to list here. He did not build fancy rifles that I know of. He built nice working guns. I own one. It is remarkable. I have many rifles. I can consistantly put five Rem factory loads in one hole at 100 yds with it, and I'm not the best of shots. Hell yes he was a genius. Anyone who thinks any different simply does not know the relm of his accomplishments.

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