• I sold my blood to afford food several times many moons ago.
  • Yes, I was once in that position. I volunteered to work in a food bank, and was given food in exchange.
  • Yes, first time I ate moldy bread, was very young and we had to get "2nd day" bread, thats what they labeled it, made us all sick but we were starving, no food for 5 days will make you eat anything
  • Yes! Smetimes, even now. But that isn't the whole story for us. We are all very happy despite the extra lean times. It will end. It always does :)
  • Yup. And then some.
  • Oh yeah; but a lot of years ago.
  • Oh yeah. I remember having to go in the woods fishing everyday in the summer to catch some fish to have for supper because there wasn't anything in the cupboards. But to be honest, even though we never had any money, I consider that to be the best time of my life. Our family was always together. It's true what they say, "All you need is love," and "money can't buy happiness."
    • Army Veteran
      Life experiences like yours build good moral character. Compare it with today's Millennials who never suffered a day in their life, were protected from reality, and had everything handed to them. Most of them grew up to be criminals.
  • I sure have. I'm just glad it's in the past ; )
  • nevr i m living my life with luxurious thing enjoyingg
  • Yes, I'm doing it right now
  • No never really had to go without anything. (not bragging) just never been without.
  • I'm here to testify first hand that it IS possible to survive on 20 to 30 dollars a month for food.
  • Yes. But i out it on my credit card :) to "pay later." Damn student loans...
  • Pretty much right now. I am going through a divorce with three young boys (two under two years old) the other 10 and I was a stay at home mom up until a few weeks ago when I had no choice but to return to work. It is hard trying to make it on your own when really I have never in my life had to.
  • Oh yes! Living On A Wish And A Prayer :)
  • Yes after I got married there was a time that I could not get the car out of the garage because I did not have money to pay for the fuel.
  • yes, and it sucks.
  • My ex let my daughters health insurance lapse, and I had to pay out the ass to get it back. Pay with money I didn't have. But I made it through with the help of my favorite AB member;-)
  • Being out of work since Sept., we are there now. However, I have learned the art of coupon shopping. For the 4 of us, I spend about $30 a week. Of course we are not eating steak and such, but we are eating. Cereal a LOT. Just used up the last of our savings. Watched our 401K take a 21% dive this year. If I didn't have kids I wouldn't feel so bad, but xmas was tough for them, but we managed. Lot of resale shop buying and selling what I could on Craigs List helped with xmas morning for my girls.
  • Pretty darned close. When I was in college I used to buy unused food coupon books from dieting and (eating off campus) females for a cut rate in order to eat. I had to put part of my wages from my part time job on my tuition payments and often had no more than a dollar or two in my pocket.
  • I have been broke several times in my life. Usually due to a divorce.
    • Linda Joy
      How many have you had?
  • I remember shortly after marriage only having rice to eat and nothing to go on it. But that was because of making poor choices and giving in to a spoiled child request from my ex.
  • Going through hard times as a kid prepares you for the real world. When you're grown, you'll still see some hard times once in a while, but you've learned how to deal with them. Several times in my life, a jar of peanut butter was my best friend, especially at Thanksgiving one year - I had a lot to be thankful for that year...thankful that I had a jar of peanut butter.
  • Yes. Many years ago when I was jobless & I lived in squats, there was a bakery which used to put the unsold bread out in bags by the bins at night, we'd collect a few loaves in the evening. When they found out they started mixing it with the rubbish to make it inedible.
  • I have been broke and a millionaire several times in my life.
  • No, but I've been put in difficult situations were I had to cut back on unwanted debt, treating myself, eating at restaurants frequently and going to the movie theaters almost weekly, not to mention my gym membership in which I had to cancel.
  • I have never been that down .
  • More than once.

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