• I'm from the UK, where supposedly it is innocent until proven guilty, but in both my personal experience and seeing celebrities and suchlike going through trial by media, it is the opposite.
  • under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. but, the police and the courts do not operate this way. that's why you should NEVER SAY ANYTHING to a cop.
  • USA. Innocent until proven guilty, although I don't think that is always the case.
  • by law, innocent until proven guilty. but in the media it is the exact opposite. they show you a suspect, give you his name, picture, and a complete list of what he's done, and most people immediately assume he is guilty. i have done it myself, until one incident where a boy was bashed in the media for what turned out to be absolutely nothing. i am a lot more aware of it now.
  • You are "presumed innocent" until proven guilty..but..thats a fact you are usually thought of as guilty until proven innocent :)
  • i think it's supposed to be innocent until proven guity by law, but in all honesty, it's all what the media can make out of you that will decide what people really think
  • Thing is you're accused, and therein lies the trouble yo...
  • Ideally, innocent until proven guilty. The problem, however, is that some innocent people are "proven" guilty and some guilty people are "proven" innocent. How, you ask? By outright lies, faulty memories and wishful thinking, not to mention looking the other way. America here! :)
  • As Sid says, In UK, one is innocent until proved guilty, although people believe that there is no smoke without fire.
  • One should be treated as an innocent until proven guilty. That way, if the person is proven innocent, no punishment will have been endured if treated as a criminal. Of course, that's the way it should be. No matter how much we say it though, I'm not convinced that's truly the way it is.
  • let's be real! (usa) the hand cuffs go on a person before they're given their due process... that smells inconsistent with the protect and serve message written on the door of the squad car. in a more philosophical manner... you are truly innocent if you aren't guilty, no man has the right to judge you even if you allow yourself to believe that!
  • You need to distinguish between what you are, and what other people think you are. You are, actually, either innocent or guilty. But only you know that for certain; other people don't. It is therefore a principle of western law that you should be *presumed* to be innocent until proved guilt. There are several implicits in that statement which get lost in the question as you phrase it. The full form would be something like "You should be presumed /by other people/ to be innocent until proved guilty /by fair trial/". The rule says how people should behave towards you, not what you actually *are*. It is a statement about social attitudes, not facts.
  • We are supposed to be innocent til guilty, though that doesn't seem to be the case with a lot of things, especially domestic cases.
  • Well, I know how it is SUPPOSED to be, but then there is O J.....

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