• because they take things way tooooo seriously!!!!
  • If you ask sensible questions, like me, this won't happen.
  • Because some people defend their ideals and opinions with everything they have. They are unable to bend or yield for a fear of having to conform to another perspective. It is only a certain personality type that does this. They are insecure and rigid, pent up and fearful. nothing you say to people like this will help or hurt them. it is a slight form of dellusion I don't believe there is a cure for it?
  • i dont know. i am also here for enjoyment and i have had many people not like what i have to say and then get a rude coment back. i feel like if they dont want to know what people have to say then they shouldnt ask.
  • People ask questions, but do not like the answers they receive. its that simple. "If you do not want to receive an answer, then don't ask the question". Right??
  • It's the nature of public posting boards. I've found people come across as more mean online than they do in person. Just take the virtual emotions with a grain of salt ; )
  • That is what some people live for...I prefer to enjoy light conversation, exchanging of thoughts and I do learn things from this all....I pretty much stay away from politics and religious questions...I find that most people don't want to share ideas, they want you to only think their way....or you are an idiot...
  • Having been here for sometime I soon realised that there are some troublemakers on here. However you will soon find that if you ignore them they will go away.Toughen your skin and dont take things to heart..... There are some,no many,very nice ABers,I have made some really good cyber friends....
  • Angry, troubled people dealing with unresolved issues in their own life have the perfect forum to vent in anonymity with no fear of recourse. You can practically feel their hostility oozing through the computer screen. Similar to road rage, where people act in their cars like they wouldn't dream of acting in real life.
  • It's the same sort of thing on IMDB. It's supposed to be a place to share your opinions and your best answers but instead people want to start fights. I just ignore those ones :) I always try to be helpful.
  • Some people who have their own personal/pshycological problems make AB as the vent for their frustrations. They will enjoy confrontation to make them feel good about themselves. I will just laugh at them.
  • There are stupid people in every site you run into. It had with me. People love to start confrontations, make a big deal out of this, and enable others to think bad about some users.
  • Just like you, I'm here to have fun, not to argue or contend with aggressive people. Even simple questions or answers can sometimes raise the obnoxious heads of some, and I attribute that to the "anonymity" of cyberspace. They know that you do not know who they are, so they feel they can say what they want, disregarding manners, propriety. Cowardly behavior, I'd say. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a right to express themselves as long as it doesn't harm anyone else, and people should respect that. Once they cross that boundary, everything breaks down and it's not enjoyable anymore. Da Ben, nice to see you! How's your hip doing? Hope you are recovering well. ;)
  • There are some people who are simply rude. You just have to deal with it (just like in real life). I, however, have sometimes been guilty of being confrontational. Sometimes if it is an issue that I am passionate about, I can get defensive if someone attacks me or my beliefs, or if they are just being unkind. I have learned that the key to making AB pleasant is to simply *let it go*. Don't take it personal. Be extra kind in your tone, because it is hard to tell when we are reading text what the intent is. Always try to imagine in your head how the other person will interpret what you are typing before hitting the submit button. If it sounds harsh, soften it up. That is why it is good to finish with a :) or ;) so that the other person knows you are not angry or mad.
  • I admit I have came on here to vent, I am in a very shitty situation in my life and I'm very angry and jaded nowadays. is only directed at blatantly stupid questions via ulterior sarcasm and wit. I do crack some jokes on religious people, but hey...who doesn't? I don't have a problem with you though OP, I don't even know who you are.
  • Nice question. They have to empty their problems and complexes on somebody. The best place is in chat rooms and sites like AB.
  • i hope i didn't do anything. jokes here on out Ben Dan :). Why did the man cross the road? Because he heard the chicken was a whore. :D
  • WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOST TO MEAN???!!!??? ;) Some people decide what they want to believe and, at least for them, it is etched in stone and can never change. Others prefer to keep an open mind and change it as more information becomes available. I guess it's inevitable that there will be disagreements but they become confrontational only when one party or the other, for whatever reason, CHOOSE to make it confrontational. I enjoy AB regardless of what ever the "drama of the day" may bring. I try to avoid most of the dumb shit. Some people take life WAY to seriously. None of us are going to make it out alive. We should just relax and try to enjoy the short time we have here...(IMHO)
  • I would love to know the answer to this also! But luckily most people on here are here having fun and are good people, there aer those few bad apples.
  • I'm here for the same reason. I've also always prided myself on being open-minded and fair. I never "attack" anyone just because I don't agree with them. I find it appalling how people online think they have a "safe" environment upon which to unleash all the hate and nastiness they have inside. I admit, some make me angry. I try to reason with some of them, usually to no avail. I will try to use wit and sarcasm, instead of profanity and nastiness. Attacking someone because of differing beliefs is so juvenile and childish, but online, some folks think they can just get away with it. And there are those who've gone out of their way to seek out and harass some users in other ways. Why? What is so jacked up in their personal lives that they feel the need to harass others? I don't get it either, my friend. These are people who are in need of serious help.
  • anonymity = lack of fear = bringing out of hate qualities = very abnormal, totally over the top, hateful demeanors.
  • Really? I don't think they are. You want to see people starting a fight, I can give you a forum where that's popular. :S
  • It is a very safe place to vent. It is a safe place to say what you are too afraid to say to anyone's face. It is also a place to pretend you are someone else..take on another persona. There are a variety of reasons. Some people need sturm und drung to feel alive..some love to stir up trouble..get your goat..goad you. Some simply want to be noticed, stand out, get your attention. Best to silently back away from them and let them find others who share the same "values"..they can then hack and slay away at one another! Happy Sunday, my friend! :) ((hugs))
  • i dont get it either and im not here to fight

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