• I only do the updates that are really needed as some aren't and some are positively hazardous.
  • I use Firefox. Only load IE when I need to test if things work in that piece of garbage.
  • I usually ignore them. I use Internet Explorer.
  • I ignore them. I am so glad you asked this question. I thought Iwas the only one. hehehehe They aer so annoying and when I have clicked on it in the past my computer seems to have problems.
  • I've turned off Automatic Updates, I only check updates once per 3 months from Windows Update website, and for that I must use IE, cause it's the only thing that supports that page. But mainly I use Opera.
  • I have it set to: download updates for me,but let me choose when to install them. In general I let most updates go though but once in awhile there will be one that I know is a bad fix or has a bug in it that I by pass Just recently Adobe Reader9 had a problem with a trojan in it right from microsoft. I generally here about the problems before they hit from where I go to school

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