• your getting old -Brad
  • it can be the way that you position your body... try laying on your stomach, or get a harder mattress (known to be helpful on your back)... sometimes all you need is water (believe it or not)....
  • Arthritis possibly, or maybe like Brad said you're just getting old. If it's been going on for two months now though I would go see a doctor.
  • Anything medical depends on age and lifestyle. What you gave wasn't the best for anyone to give you solid advice. The one thing that could tie back aches and hit pain would be possible muscle strain. Start a new job? Is it hard on your body? How old are you? Any family medical history that could explain these sympotms? Since it has been going on for 2 months now, I agree with Hello94 and I would go see a doctor for more better advice. Best of Luck

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