• It could be some sort of genetic engineered pepper, because I've noticed some of the bigger pretty peppers seem to be how you've described. I'm not sure why, but if you go organic, you don't see that.
  • hahha, is it strange that when I first read this question I thought 'awww' . Oh dear. :S, It comes to something when I find it 'cute' that a pepper could have tiny baby peppers inside them. lol. Never mind. Think ive just had a longgggg boring day and that just made me laugh. On a Serious matter though, did you figure out if they were ok to eat? I've never heard of such a thing. :):) +3 !!!
  • I find that once in awhile. I wouldn't eat them, probably pretty bitter!
  • Sounds like you got some interesting peppers! LOL
  • Ewww. . .just, ewwww.
  • It is true about going organic - you don't see those baby peppers inside of big peppers. Although, bell peppers are one of the most concentrated chemically of the veggies. Something about them needing lots of pest control and fertilization. I know that it is impossible to grow them here (IN) and I never could get decent peppers in Wisconsin. And we are organic gardeners too. I understand that the chemical residues on/in peppers is concentrated on the "inside" of the pepper - whatever that means..... I am wondering about indoor hydroponic growing of vegetables. It seems that it could be cost prohibitive, and messy. Yuck to both of those.... Anyone know????
  • That happens to me sometimes, when I buy peppers at the local farmers market. They're not like, gross or anything...just, interesting :) Taste the same too, I think. Also, have you ever found 2 yellows, or 3 yellows in one egg? LOL
  • I have had some do that....and I have eaten them and i'm still standing....errr....sitting right now.
  • See what the so-called anti-abortion pepper movement is doing to America? It's creating a crisis of cosmic proportions among the pickled peppper population in Paris. Pretty soon, pepper farmers all over the country will be out of work and on strike, losing their farms and with nothing else left to eat but peppers. This, my friend, is a tragedy and a ground breaking story. I'm alerting the media! And, oh, yes, if you eat the baby peppers inside the pregnant mommas' bellies, you'll be a baby-pepper eating person hated by all
  • They are fine to eat. I find them a bit sweeter than the 'adult' pepper. Just like eating 'baby corn' is ok. I find those, as well. Tiny little ears of corn attached to the larger one, as you husk them. It's not a problem at all.
  • It's normal and happens often with some varieties. They are safe to eat and usually a bit sweeter as they don't have the seeds and veining of the bigger peppers.

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