• Yes, Nioxin products work. Also if you are looking for a product to grow your hair look for the ingredients Minoxidil or Finasteride. While teaching at a beauty school the text mentions those are the only chemicals proven to regrow hair.
  • You must be very careful when using any drug whithout a doctor's prescription. The Finasteride is a drug specifically made mor man. Women should never use it. In fact, according to the drug information, women shouldn't even touch it, specially pregnant women, because this drug may cause bad formation of the sexual organs in the case of a male fetus. Anyway, always consult your doctos before taking medicines.
  • Some do particularly those containing minoxidol this is one of the active ingredients in Regaine or in some countries I think it's called rogaine. Though according to many friends of mine who have used it, it takes ages to work and some people find it doesn't. It has alot to do with what stage of baldness you are at. If the very follicale (which is the blulb of skin at the bottom of the hair) is dead then these products won't work. There is a thearpy scientist invented zapping the hair bulb with an electric current which re-zaps life into it so to speak. But this took ages to be done with a needle much like electrolosis but for the opposite effect. This is now done with laser I believe. I used to work as a hairdresser and worked with wigs and wig consultants. One wig consultant friend of mine said she doesn't like minoxidol as it tends to make the hair grow back thin sparse and like pubic hair and cost alot of money in many cases. she usually recommends Zinc supplements particularly in men. Zinc if missing from the diet can contribute to hair loss. One natural ingredient found to work is Saw Pawlmetto herb (spelling probably incorrect there) I have heard that scientific studies show that if you use a topical product containing Saw Pawlmetto or this combined with Minoxidol this increases the hair grow quite these herbal products often also contain biotin. Be careful of herbal supplements that make extreme claims Having blood test done and seeing if you lack in anything first is a good idea if you are female if your'e male it can be caused by male pattern baldness which is simply caused by and increase in DHT which is because of Testosterone the male androgen. Many medications can lead to hair loss especially contraceptives and acne medications so make sure to look at this area as well anabolic steriods also cause hair loss in many people.
  • Your best bet is to take a vitamin with Biotin in it. Biotin aids in hair growth and is not harmful. Stay away from prescription drugs unless your doctor recommends them. Nioxin is a good product, but what it does is remove build up in the follicle to allow hair to regrow though it. It won't work if the follicle of the hair is damaged or dead. When the follicle of the hair dyes, which is the case in baldness, unfortunatly there are no miracle products to help. In this case you would have to go to a doctor. Giving yourself a good massage when shampooing helps to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the head. It also helps to remove any build up on the scalp which may be blocking the follicles and not letting the hair grow though.

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