• Call an exterminator look in the yellow pages in your phone book for local ones, or go to, or and search online by your area. If you dont have a bad case of them you can always buy Raid traps sold at Walmart, and your local grocer. Good Luck.
  • Eat them. Before they eat you.
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  • cochroaces are attracted to dark,moist, humid areas. And are quite hard to get rid of once you have them. They are also nocturnal. They hate Bay leaves which is good if you have small children as its a non toxic method. Just place where you have seen roaches moving. Dont water them....they like that..they can survive without food as long as they have water so that would just encourage them. Sprinkle Boric acid where you have seen them as this is very harmful to them but this is toxic to humans. Insulate pipes, and fix leakages to remain roach free.
  • Feed them to trolls.
  • It'll sound like a commercial, but try Raid ® Double Control Small or Large Roach Baits. They worked for me in Veracruz, which is a tropical climate, so I'm guessing they should work anywhere... They're safe for you, for pets and children, they don't smell, and they make the roaches DISAPEAR for about three months... More info:
  • Here are some 'to get rid of cockroaches FOR GOOD' ways: *Cockroaches hate the smell and taste of bay leaves. Put them around the doors and hideouts. *Sprinkle small amount of boric acid around where you've seen them. They will die when they ingest this(during grooming). Do it in dark, damp places. *** BUT REMEMBER THIS IS ALSO TOXIC TO HUMANS SO DO NOT USE IN AREAS WHERE CHILDREN AND ANIMALS PLAY, EAT AND SLEEP. *Don't try and drown or water the cockroaches to death because they can survive for months without food but they just need a daily source of water to thrive. Never leave water in any area of the house and make sure you wipe out sinks and tubs and close the toilet. *Mix sugar and baking soda and place in a small, shallow dish. The combination is lethal to them.
  • A good way to get rid of cockroaches is to use Raid or just step on them. If you have a serious infestation, then call an exterminator to come and remove them
  • This is a great question, because many think this is an unconquerable opponent but not true, the first thing you must do is understand what you are trying to eliminate, you must put stress on factors its food supply its shelter. Sanitation is the cornerstone of pest control, you must remove pest harbor areas like paper bags from side of frig, move as much food supply as possible, you cant remove all their food as the can live off the animal fat in bar soap or glue from back of wall, and shelf paper, but you can remove fermenting foods Roaches there are about 4000 different type of roaches and they all get treated differently. I will discuss the three major home invaders the German Roach, which begin investing kitchens and bathroom, but can live throughout the house, adults are about 5/8 of an inch they start near moisture and infest away from water (the adults are brownish - tan with two black racing stripes on its head, the nymphs are black & brown, you must understand this insect only lives about 6 months however it reaches sexual maturity in about 20 days each egg capsule the female carries with her and drops near food supply right before it hatches to insure survival contains between 30-50 nymphs, so do the math in 6 months you have a good infestation you can locate the nesting areas usually where wood meets wood like up under the sink in corners, as well as the pantry cabinets, in the electrical housing under the frig in compressor area, behind the back side of mounted cabinets you can see clearly where they rest because of the pepper like appearance of their droppings USE FLASHLIGHT!!!) Only experience in hunting these little guys will give one the knowledge needed to know ALL the hiding places. It takes about 60 mins to treat completely the average size kitchen, so if you have a spray jockey just spray the baseboards you are wasting your money as he is missing the targets. By using integrated pest management techniques with include (IGR) insect growth regulators (this sterilizes the breeding) and by the numbers detailed above this is key to ELIMINATION of this insect, insecticides, both spray,aresols and dusts, as well as glue boards to actually catch them to see if they are still inhabiting. After a through knock down with these products baits should be applied near the pepper marks (droppings) because these droppings tell future German roaches this was once a safe place as they will return to same places should infestation reoccur. Aerosol bombs with IGR's are very helpful due to the residual action of the IGR as well as the contact killing power of aerosol. The Oriental Roach some call this insect a water bug the adults are black about 1 inch long and they can be found in basement drains wall voids where waters pipes are (this is where the name water bug comes from) actually there really is a Waterbug it is aquatic and it lives at the bottom of the ocean so I doubt that a real "Waterbug" could be found in a home!!! Granular baits work well as well as dust insecticides these can be found investing gardens in the spring time also. they are basically a seasonal insect that lives about 8-10 months when they reach sexual maturity they drop egg capsules which hatch NEXT YEAR so it does take about 2-3 seasons to get great control. A parameter spray 3 feet up the foundation and 7 feet out around the entire house will prove very effective as in many cases they live outside and enter homes. Again the IGR is very effective in elimination. Next is the Pa wood Roach it looks just like the German Roach but lacks the racing stripes on its head. There is no inside control for this insect as its food source is decayed trees and they can be found under bark. What happens is during mating season the males are attracted to lights as that is where the females can be found (and you know what they are seeking to do?? dont you?) Heres a good one for every one female there are about 1000 males in population so it appears all the females get lucky!!! The pa wood roach cant survive long indoors and the best control is turning off outside lights during mating season which varies depending on your location. Since the introduction of IGR's and superb baits elimination is achieved much easier as before their introduction each nest had to be found and treated which even for the most talented pest control operator could be a challenge. When dried the IGR is lighter than air by weight which means that drafts will move the product through out the home there is no risk of contamination after it dries because its actions do NOT effect mammals only the reproduction system of insects. Keep in mind that professional residual insecticides do not kill a roach right away the must rest on it for 45- 60 mins before a lethal dose is absorbed. Unlike a can of Raid but even though Raid contains an insecticide it is very weak in killing power what drops in dead in their tracks is the petroleum distillates that propel the insecticide out of the can its the inert ingredient that kills the bug, You really dont want this sprayed where you prepare you meals!!!!! It is not a wize choice to use products like Boric Acid in kitchen as it is a stomach poison and needs to be professionally applied lighlty it doesnt hold up to moist conditions and roaches avoid dusty areas. THERE ARE no EFFECTIVE ELECTONIC DEVICES THAT DRIVE ROACHES AWAY there are no solar products to dry them up if these things worked pest control would not be a multi billion dollar industry!!! Is this enough to help the average home owner rid themselves of these pest most likely not but it will arm you with the knowledge to know whether you have a skilled technician doing your control work? I have been out of this line of work for ten years but I dont think much has been introduced since my departure and if anyone has any insect related question and would like an expert opinion feel free to call on the Bugmann the real Bugmann
  • I suggjest u buy these cans that u put in the middle of ur home and set it to spray this roachkiller. u have to leave ur house for a few hours but u can come back and wipe every thing down. try this a few times and that should get them going. or u could get a exterminater..
  • Even with baits and traps and pesticides, roaches can still reappear—especially if you live in an apartment. Less vigilant neighbors may be attracting roaches, which spill over into your own apartment. Follow these roach control tips to discourage roaches. If there is nothing inviting in your kitchen or bathroom, then they might migrate to some other apartment: 1. Roaches love food! Reduce the amount of food for them to nibble on, especially before bedtime. Roaches explore at night. Take out the trash every night or use a sealed trash can. Clean dirty dishes by the time you go to bed or soak them in soapy water. Wipe crumbs and spilt food off kitchen counters. Remove pet food or put the dish in a larger dish filled with soapy water, in which the roach will drown. 2. Roaches love paper and mess! Reduce the amount of clutter for them to nibble on. Do not leave books, newspapers, or cardboard lying around the kitchen or bathroom. Clean up the mess, such as piles of clothing. If you have just moved, store boxes far from the kitchen. Roach traps are a safe, inexpensive and effective way to eliminate roaches. Unlike spray pesticides, they can be safely used around children and pets. Roach traps are also very effective at killing off roach nests. The special ingredient is the poisoned bait, which attract the roaming roaches. These roaches then bring the bait back to the nest, thus spreading the poison to other roaches. This "How to" will walk you through the steps of using roach traps. Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 3-6 days for noticeable results Here's How: Determine how big the roaches are. Just like roaches, roach traps come in different sizes. You only need to buy roach traps large enough to accommodate the largest roach you see. Note that roaches that are about one inch long are large. Buy the appropriate roach traps, and egg killers. You don't need to buy roach traps in different sizes. Only get ones that can accommodate the largest roaches. Also, buy roach traps that are designed to kill roach eggs. This will reduce future infestations. Buy about 12 roach traps per medium-sized room. You can buy them at hardware or drug stores. On the back of each roach trap, mark the expiration date (three months from when you first use them). Place the roach traps in strategic parts of your home. Figure out where the roaches are living or from where they're coming. If you can't tell, common locations include: Under the fridge Under the stove Under the sink or by any source of water. Place at least one roach trap in each of these areas and anywhere else you've seen a roach. The best places to put them are in corners and against walls. Wait for the roach traps to spread their poison. You should see results within a few days, though it may take several weeks to really reduce their number. Nobody likes roaches in their homes, but harsh chemicals can be dangerous to use around young children and pets. Here's a homemade, safer roach killer. Difficulty: Average Time Required: 15 minutes Here's How: Mix equal parts powdered sugar and borax in a bowl. Sprinkle in cracks along walls and under cupboards. Keep away from children and pets. Repeat as necessary for one to two weeks until all roaches have died. Tips: Borax is relatively safe and can be found near the laundry soap in your grocery store. Borax slowly kills roaches by interfering with their metabolism. What You Need: Borax Powdered Sugar Mixing Bowl
  • You poor thing try this site essortment it may help you..and good luck
  • The only way I can think of is to get an exterminator.
  • clean your house and call an exterminator
  • Mix 50% Sugar and 50% Baking Soda, such as Arm & Hammer. Put into little containers that they can easily get into. An example is a small plastic container with a hole cut in the side. Or you can even use a plate. Place the containers where ever the cockroaches like to live. The reason why this works is because roaches have an acid stomach and the baking soda blasts their pH level, thus blasting them. Because they can’t resist sugar, they will gobble this stuff up. You will notice a drop in sightings of cockroaches within 3-4 days and within 2 weeks they will be all gone. And here’s the bonus: since cockroaches are cannibals, the remaining ones will eat the dead ones so there’s virtually no cleanup.
  • The roach motels you can buy in many stores do the job, though they take their time. They kept coming back until I learned that my downstairs neighbors didn't seem concerned about them, so I sprayed a coating of "Raid" inside the kitchen ventilator. We all shared a common shaft, so any roaches that came up from below picked up a fatal dose on their feet on the way up. End of problem.
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  • Spread Boric Acid everywhere, that'll do it
  • Boric Acid!!! That stuff is great, but if you have pets/kids make sure you spread it where your pets/kids can’t get into it.
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  • Keep your house spotless.
  • for small roaches - use Boric acid and the Raid that is in the caulk gun looking thing for the big ones - use a fogger in your attic and spread Sevin granules in you lawn
  • first thing to look is your fridge, they like the heat at the bottom where the gas are, spry some poison there, ever notice if you move to a new place how they suddenly pop up, it is the eggs that hatches in you r freezer, they like to crawl in the door rubbers as well
  • Everyone's answer is correct, however they left out where to spray or coat what area. Pull the drawers out of their sockets and spray on, in, and behind the railtracks.
  • The most effective way is to use boric acid paste. You put a dab of it under each sink and in crevices and cracks you think the roaches might go. The roaches take the boric acid back to the nest and you will get full elimination for one year with one applications. Here is a link to a website for more information. <a target href=">Roach Killer</a>
  • The easiest and most effective method is Roach Bait. It is a white paste similar looking to toothpase. Put it under sinks and cabinets and crevices. The roaches will be elminited for up to one year with one application. Bait is better than powder because the roaches come to it. For further information please vist, <a target href="">Roach Killer</a>
  • Cockroaches travel up from the sewer. You'll see them swimming in your toilet bowls. Oh yeah, and those little b*stards don't drown, either.
  • well if u want nontoxic methods (nontoxic for humans), i know bay leaves work. sprinkle those all around dark places or anywhere you've seen them. also, right before bedtime, take a large mixing bowl and add a bottle of beer. then cover this with a rag. the rag must be large enough to completely cover the bowl. when you get up in the morning, you will be completely grossed out by how many roaches are in the rag. just lift the rag out of the bowl and dump it outside well away from your home. repeat this every nite til no more roaches r in the rag. dunno what makes this work but it does.
  • We came home one night and turned on the kitchen light and there seamed to be 100's of roaches. It was a massive shock as this was the first time we saw any! We scrubbed the kitchen and then called a pest man who sprayed everywhere. We found dead ones pretty much every day for about 2 weeks and then gradually they stopped. This was about 2 years ago. Its an on going battle. We keep everything clean as possible and spray regularly but just when I think we've cracked it a big dead one turns up, so they survive somewhere. I'm going to try the boric acid. Its hard with a victorian house to plug every gap but we are trying. I suspect the guys next door have them too but I'm too ashamed to ask.
  • Clean up the joint yo...:)
  • i hate to say this but, once they are there they are there for good. Burn the place down.
  • The roach motels work for me. I put them everywhere but you have to make sure to put the motels up against the wall or at a hole-any place that the roaches will go. They run along the wall, they go into the corners of cabinets etc.The motels have a substance that causes the roaches to dry up. They need water to survive. I have never had any luck with boric acid although I have heard of people who did. My father-in-law's trailer is crawling with them. I won't go visit him because I have such a horror of the awful things. Nothing has worked in his place and he won't hire an exterminator because they all want him to sign a contract with a year or longer. My sister-in-law called everyone of the extrminators. This is in Tarboro, NC if anyone is interested. The firms just want more money and they want to blackmail these old people who don't have the extra money to put into contracts. It isn't fair. And of course because he has the roaches, when he visits us they come along in the suitcase and get in my house(the reason for my bug problem. I hope!)
  • You are going to have to move, they will always be there. Cleaning up as much as you can and not leaving ANY food out will seriously reduce their numbers. It won't get rid of all of them.
  • Roaches like cellulose. You can spread cellulose tape all over the house. If you can catch one and burn it and leave the ashes close to where they live they will disappear (Please do not laugh because this method was used by the ancient Persians and Incas in Peru)
  • they are not so bad. watch this.
  • The house I grew up in had a massive infestation. My bedroom was above the kitchen and there were always roaches in my room. My mother was a meticulous cleaner and she took it very personally. She had the house exterminated repeatedly. The exterminator kept telling her the same thing everyone on here is repeating: they eat cellulose, you can't eliminate all the sources, etc. One day it dawned on me that they were always on my beside table, no matter where else they might be. It also dawned on me that my clock radio was always warm and that the vent holes in the back were big enough for roaches to come and go. I told my stepfather that I thought they were hiding in the clock because it was warm there, and thus were being missed by the exterminator. He didn't believe me, I was only about 8 or 9, but I pested him until he finally decided to prove me wrong. At my insistence, we put the clock in the bathtub and got a can of roach spray before we took the back off. Its a good thing we did. There were literally hundreds of them in that thing. We never saw a roach in that house again in all the years we lived there. My suggestion would be that any appliance you have that gives off heat (and there will be many more in your house now than there were in the seventies), unplug it, set it in the bathtub and take the back off to check inside. Make sure you have roach spray in hand when you do it. Do not spray inside the appliance or it may never work again. Just shine a light inside and kill them as they come boiling out. They don't like light. It worked for us, it may work for you.
  • Send them over to my house. They all seem to congregate here anyway no matter what I do so when you can't beat them, join them!
  • well , i will put this very simply. in a step by step process. this is a secret tip that runs in my family, we have been roach free for centuries! step 1.)find some good king of scrubber thing, like a rake, or brass wool step 2.)take all of your clothes off step 3.)step into the shower step 4.) lather up step 5.) start scrubbing, especially all those hard to reach places where the roaches may be infesting step 6.) all the roaches should have washed down the drain, and you are now cockroach free!!! trust me, it works.
  • well theres loads of pest control products you can buy .. check out twenga for specific cockroach ones!,Pest-control,Cockroach-control
  • lol For a moment I thought you were gonna ask, "How do I get rid of cookies?!" lol Sorry. Keep your house clean. Make sure you keep the dishes wash and the kitchen shelves well wiped down, and not with just water but with a kitchen cleaner. If none of that helps, you maybe have to call a pest control company.
  • Don't leave even a morsel of food out. Not one! Keep kitchen and bathroom white glove clean using soap or a disinfectant. Boric acid (keep out of reach) will help kill them. It takes a day or 2 to work. Put it here: along baseboards * under stove and refrigerator * in electric switch boxes * in holes in hollow doors * around door frames, and * in open spaces under and behind walls * in open spaces around shelves, sinks and cabinets After you place the boric acid in cracks and open spaces, seal it in with caulk or other sealer. The powder will keep working for years. Borid™ and Roach Prufe are easily found in stores. If you're in an apartment they could be coming from the neighbor. The large roaches will come up from the drains. Keep drains covered. Caulk any cracks where they can enter the house. Spray the outside perimeter foundation with roach killer. Use roach baits along with the borate powders if needed. If all fails, call the local pest control.
  • I discovered this tecknique: it involves using one of the cheap copies of Woolite-I suppose other containers would work, but I would buy whiskey glasses with vertical sides at a thrift store. After a slight wash to get the soap smell on them I would put 1/2" of the soap in the bottom. As the level of the dead rise, add additioal soap. When full, toss. Really, really gross looking, by the way! Another idea is to get one of those big lizards-but then you can't use the poisons, of course.
  • Clean your surroundings
  • 3-15-2017 Get a small bottle of boric acid at the drug store, or a large bottle of Roach-Pruf at the hardware store. Take a small amount on the tip of a spoon and blow it in the general direction of any place you have seen a roach, any crack in a baseboard, and under sinks. Not in open floor areas or cupboards. The powder sticks to a roach's shell and dissolves the waxy coating so they dehydrate. They carry it back to the nest and pass it around and it wipes out the entire nest. One application is usually enough.
  • pour a small lump of loose paste made of wheat flour and olive oil in the corners where they thrive or just around the places they frequent. will be effective.

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