• Because people refuse to accept others beliefs and when they get called out on it they react the same way any child would by sticking out their tongue(downrating) and running away.
  • I dunno. But that's the touchiest subject in the world.
  • People love to abuse the DR a lot and most of the users, who are regulars, are down rate happy.
  • There are so many members that visit that category that do not know how to ask and answer questions without having a holy war. Every question and answer turns into one big argument, that often turns to name calling and down-rating everyone who doesn't agree.
  • Because their dumb. I gave you a point :o)
  • The majority of ab members do not care about religion.
  • They can't accept other opinions.
  • People are really oppinionated, especially when it comes to religeon and as a result take offense to statement that opposed their belief system.
  • There are too many people with deeply held beliefs who have no restraint when it comes to what they see as an attack on their faith.
  • its a dumb question so im down rating ya- no no - just kiddin- its cause religious peolpe r too sensitive- like if you were to call them "total scumbags" they would probably be mad. some people:)
  • Its the Devil
  • If you have ever been to other question and answer sites where continuous commentary happens,this is a VERY common practice.
  • because everyone thinks they know something, when in fact no one knows anything. we have to hold on to some kind of spiritual paradime. it holds us together. as one person or many people. We say there is a supreme being. No one knows the name of that supreme being. a name given to us, not a name we make up. there is a lot of dogma in religion. people accept dogma as fact and argue from that point of view. down rating is a weapon. a down rate is an honor when it comes to religion. it takes guts to stand up for what one believes.
  • remember the old adage, "the two topics off-limits for polite conversation are religion and politics" ? it says it all. people get fanatical when it comes to personal belief systems
  • because people get offended way to much!
  • Religion is an important part of many people's lives, so what is said can affect them greatly. I suppose that's one reason. It comes from both sides, either it's Christians against Atheists or against Islam or whatever you want. It seems a dark concoction of conflict. You'll see some very inflammatory questions by the Christians downrated to nothingness, or rude answers by atheists of the same. Go in the Muslim section. Are you ready? Go! . So, how was it? I bet like, half the questions had minuses on them. It's way too touchy a subject, especially with all the current political events going on about that. That is also an important part of people's lives, and evidently so. I've probably offended so many people with this one answer, and I sure as heck wasn't trying to. You just can't talk about this stuff without hurting someone's beliefs, pride, intellect, sense of self or social disposition. It happens to me too, and I don't believe in nothing. I usually restrain myself, but most of the people I've had rough encounters with about religion and politics will dismiss me as ignorant, inflammatory, obnoxious or whatever you want-just like I did to them. I'm just as much a problem. I'm guessing that while most people obviously have the same psychological functions and the ability to interpret, react and act, different mind frames make for very different ways to do the same thing. I think that's what we don't understand, and I don't understand it anymore than anyone, because what I just said makes absolutely no damn sense. >_>
  • I believe it is for the same reason that political questions get downrated a lot. Those who hold very strong opinions get easily offended when they perceive that someone is attacking their they strike back the only safe way they can..they downrate the question or the answers. For some reason they are unable to have a positive discussion about the differences..they immediately are in "attack" mode..they may not even be aware of it because since they do it all the time that is all they know. Just my opinion of course! Happy Sunday! :)
  • lots of raw nerves.
  • Some people, regardless of what they claim, have no tolerance or respect for those who don't have the same beliefs or non-beliefs as they do. In other words, they are bigots.
  • because there are a lot of people out there who are very disillusioned - they don't often like hearing things that can break their's not nice to go through, but in order to din the truth guys,unfortunately you will have your faith tested. more negatives than positives post to a dilemma
  • because usually in some way or another it "offends" someone's belief in something...sometimes it's due to the closed mindedness that one's own religion brings around and therefore if something negative is said about something, or someone just doesn't believe, it gets downrated

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