• I can't watch a movie with voiceovers.. either leave it as it was filmed and let me pick up the pieces if I know the language a bit or subtitle it. Hm. That's not an answer to your question. I would say my native language accent (why pretend to have a German accent when it's not even in German anyway, for example)
  • I think it should be the same in the voice-overs as in the dialogs. And I prefer they speak a language I know, just without an accent. Except if the original used an accent, where they may try to use an appropriate accent for the goal language. But if I really like a movie, I sometimes try to hear it in the original language, even if I do not understand everything (I can use sub-titles, too). It is mostly very rewarding.
  • I hate voice overs of any kind. I prefer subtitles.
  • It would be great if the foreign movie has subtitles in both English and Chinese. I am English educated and now I am learning Mandarin Chinese. Translation voice-overs always sound strange to me and I would discourage it.
  • I don't like voice overs, I prefer subtitles.

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