• Unless the laws are super different, which I doubt, they can change the locks and put your stuff out on the street. You might want to check with a local Landlord Tenant Hotline and find out for sure what the laws for your area specifically are! If you are being unlawfully evicted, you may have some recourse. Although if you are being put out for not paying your rent or for somehow being in violation of your rental could be up the proverbial creek! Good luck
  • The midnight move is what we called it back in my younger days. I can say this, get your stuff out and perhaps into a storage place or someone you really trust. Leave behind what you never want to see again. And take pictures of the place because your landlord will lie if you ever go to court, and you will need proof that you left the place in good order (they really don't want your stuff, but if you leave it there, they will generally just put it out on the curb after they took the good stuff). PS Good luck and keep looking ahead.
  • Communicate with your landlord... Is that so hard? Tell the landlord that you may not have all your belongings out, what will be left in the apartment, for how long and how you plan to have the items removed. The landlord may offer to help you move or store it somewhere if they want to rent the apartment in a hurry. A landlord can not automatically throw your stuff away. They have to hold it for a short period of time. Communication is always the best way to go with landlords. I wish more tenants understood this.
  • They get put at the curb where your neighbors will pick over them for the good stuff before you even get back. The apartment complex where I lived in Baltimore used to be rather eviction happy. They probably did that to four or five households in the two years that I live there. There was rarely much left when the tenant came back with a truck. Get a POD and put it in storage.

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