• I'm not afraid, just much more cautious.
  • Given the number of times I used to get burned when I was younger, not scared enough. I cannot help but trust people until their behavior convinces me otherwise.
  • I just flat out don't trust people anymore, as for giving chances, everyone gets one; there's no such thing as a second.
  • Not at all.
  • Yes. Almost everyone in my life that I have loved has either died (my grandmother who I was SO close with, my father, my first husband..) and the ones left have betrayed me. How many people do you know that have literally been used and fucked over by their own mother, their siblings and eventually their other half? I have a few close friends and my children. It doesn't make me want to get close to anyone. I don't have the trust or the energy to try. Giving people chances, to me, is a nice thing to do. Sometimes it works but other times it is just opening the door to be used.
  • Life itself is a chance, and everybody deserves to be trusted until they prove not to be worthy of your trust. That's how I would like to be treated.
  • not scared but very very cautious....
  • No, I trust people until they show me otherwise, though I am not gullible or naive, just that I have had good success with my assessment of most people and they have not disappointed me. If someone is sorry and puts forth good genuine effort into changing, I forgive them and take them back as friend. But I always forgive them, even if they aren't sorry.
  • Never.
  • Without trust and second chances the world wouln't be anywhere! Edison didn't invent the lightbulb on his first try! I am afraid of trust because I don't trust myself, and when you don't trust yourself it's hard to trust anyone else! Just remember, base trust off of someone's actions not their appearance and almost everyone deserves a second chance, or even a third. :)
  • i don't find it that hard to trust people, but if i have to keep giving someone a lot of chances than i don't think they're worth my time.
  • Nope. You can believe they're bad or you can believe they're good. Of course, some ARE bad. Most are good. Everyone deserves another chance. If I don't give it to them, who will?
  • I'm not scared. I know I am going to get hurt but I choose to do it anyway.
  • yep, but I still do it.
  • Yes I am. But that is one thing I am working really hard on.
  • Not really - But I know it will suck when I have to boot them outta my life if they are to screw me over.
  • Scared of? Not exactly the words. I dislike people in person, in general. I know what they are capable of because I know what I am capable of. I therefore do not feel the need to overlook anyone elses potential either way, because I don't care if anyone else see's me in a true light and either accepts me or doesn't as a direct result of that unspoken pretense. I provide it myself up front and honest I don't make excuses for people because I dont require them in return.
  • Me? Personally I am totally utterly terrified.
  • I've trusted so many people , gave so many chances .. and got totally screwed without even getting a dinner ... Stabbed in the back by those I loved and trusted ... as late as just two weeks ago ... NO; I don't think that I will EVER trust again or give ANYONE A 2nd chance ...

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