• Hmmmm depends on the state, but maybe if you give him 30 days notice to vacate the premsis you can kick him out. You'll have to call the police and have them do it for you. If you remove any of his stuff from your residence and it gets damaged or stolen you will be paying for it. Make it official by sending and email, text, and having a witness. That's the only thing I can think of. I know that it's hard to remove people from your residence even if they aren't under obligation to be there.
  • You need to evict him (assuming he does not have a long term lease). The exact requirements for this varies by state or county, but usually requires 30 days notice. If he does not move out after 30 days, you can file for a writ of eviction with the courts. You can call the police, but they will not do anything without an order of eviction. Cops cannot arbitrarily throw people out of their homes.
  • I agree with both of the previous answers. Check to be sure what the laws are. In NC someone can stay with you for a certain period of time, I think more than two weeks, and you legally have to have them evicted. This means court issued eviction papers, and then they have 30 days, then you go to court, then they may have another 30 days to get out. Just don't let them know they have so long. Good luck.

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