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  • If I love the guy than yes but if I dont love him than no i dont.
  • Not me, sorry..
  • I am a guy so take this as my personal experience rather than a woman's perspective. First of all, cum in your eyes hurts! I have accidentally cum in my own eye once, and I have cum in two girls eyes accidentally, so this I know! Dont do it! Regarding cum on their face, I have found that most girls dont really like it, but they like that it turns their man on. I have cum on the face of about 25% of my sex partners and they kind of put up with it rather than liked it. Personally I love doing it --- but we men must respect the lady if she doesnt want to.
  • I would say don't do it on her face/eyes unless she's sure not to open her eyes. After about 10 minutes it starts to sting and her eyes will get really red and be very sensitive to light. It'll look like she just got high or something. And she'll need about 2 hours for her eyes to be back to normal.
  • no way, it burns in the eyes

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