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  • Immediately, in both cases.
  • Only time will heal the wound.
  • I'm still trying to cope with them being alive : )
  • Yes. I cremated my father with a smile since he went to join his father when he died.I told him that I would love to follow him soon but I have some things to take care of.
  • My girlfriend's mom died in 98. She's never gotten over it, but she does the best she can living day to day by remembering the very best of her mom. I loved my Grandfather. The man was a unique kind of pimp in his own way. Once in a while I talk to him. I remember all the funny things he told me and I keep hope to the idea that he and I will see each other again some day.
  • You dont ever get over it will forever feel like an orphan is some small way..but this is what makes us human i guess :O)
  • Im only 13 so i cant really help you much bcuz both of my parents are alive, but be happy- its what they would of wanted x
  • I am 21 and my Father died when I was 15, You dont get over it and you do not heal. The only comfort you can get is in appreciating the time you had together and the fact that it will make you a stronger person. They truly die when you forget them! You do not need to get over their death just come to terms with it. It will always hurt.
  • My mom died the year my first daughter, Jessica was born. We were planning a trip to go out and introduce my mom to her first granddaughter. My mom died the week prior to our trip. My one true regret in life is that they never had a chance to meet. Jessica has the exact same eyes as my mom and sometimes when I'm looking at her I see my mom. It sneaks up on me a little and it hurts like the day my stepdad called to give me the news.
  • My mother has been gone for 4 years now...and at times I miss her so much and feel the pain as if it was today that she left....but it was nothing like the first year or so....I was emotions were eyes would cry even when I was just standing in line at the market...even if my mind wasn't thinking of her, by body does get better with time...believe it or really does...
  • My mom passed away in 1999 from cancer. We took care of her for four months, until the day she died. During that time, I told her the things I wanted her to much she meant to me, how much I learned from her, how much I loved her. It will be 10 years this year, and I still miss her. But somewhere along the way, I just remember HER and not the pain of her loss. I don't think I'll ever get "over" her death, but I cherish her life more.
  • I dont think that you do, you allow them to live on inside of you, never forgetting what impact they had in your life!
  • in a sense i have but at what cost? the more i feel less the more i forget about her. after 10 years i still need a picture to remember her, but the only thing i've never forgot is her perfume. i own a bottle and smell it every now and then to boost up my memories and remember her. other then that i would say im not sad at all shes gone. now im happy for her in the afterlife. she's nowhere near her abusive husband and that's good enough for me. although i do have regrets. seeing as its been 4 years since i've been to her grave. its been 4 years since i've been to my home state as well. o well.
  • I lost my Mom 20 years ago and I still miss her, it just doesn't hurt quite as much as it used to. I send birthday wishes every year and I always remember to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.
  • I am sorry to hear so many of you have lost parents. I am blessed to still have mine. I don't think it is a loss one ever "gets over". I think memory books are important because we can forget things over time and having something tangible to remind us becomes more precious as time goes on. I know this because of the loss of my oldest brother. I have a memory journal and I wrote in it quite frequently right after he died. I pick it up and read parts of it every now and then am reminded of the things I hadn't thought of sine the moment I wrote them and wonder if the memory would have ever crossed my mind again if I hadn't written it down.
  • nope, never. My father died almost 30 years ago, and i still feel the pain... my mother died a year ago tomorrow, and i have never been so heartbroken in all my life. I miss her every single day, and think of her every day... she has left a huge hole in my life which will never be filled. Time certainly makes things easier to cope with, but i dont think you ever 'get over it'.
  • i dont think anyone ever gets over that, i didnt

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