• If it's the insdies of your shoes that are sqeuaking- the soles- then try this: spray the bottom of your foot, lightly, with aeorsol deodorant. Of try dusting the sole of your foot- lightly, again- with talcum or baby powder. The rationale behing this suggestion is that it's perspiration that is making your shoes squeak. Now, if it's the bottom of your shoes that are squeaking- like when you are walking on a linoloeum floor, or even on certain types of tile, then there may be nothing you can do. Some shoes simply have little, if no, tread on their bottoms. You might try the baby powder-thing on the bottoms of your shoes, just to see what happens. If all else fails, try calling the place where you bought your shoes. they will probably have some suggestions. There are also sprays you can buy to waterproof your shoes- most payless stores sell it, as well as hiking stores. Best of luck!
  • Use the a bit more, or hire a servant to wear them for you!

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