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  • What did you work seven years to earn? I think I could learn something important from you, if you'd be willing to stick around for a little while longer and share it with me. Seriously, maybe we could help each other.
  • Hugs and lots more hugs. Your family doesn't deserve you BUT so many people you have yet to meet do. Get some help PLEASE. Learn to love yourself so that others will know how to LOVE you.
  • If ths is real let me tell you something man if the people around you don't love you or enoy your success get new people around you who care. Killing yourself will solve nothing man and to anyone thinking of killing yourself. You are not alone especially on AB you will always have someone to discuss your problems with.! And sometimes feeling alone is the best time to see who your friends are!
  • God will care. He created you and He loves you. He has better plans for you, if you will let Him show you. Ask Him.
  • please dont! i can say truthfuly and honestly that i care for your health! if you do and you have not accepted jesus you will go to a burning pit of no return. calm down before you do something you regrate. if you do not want my advice to bad im giving it to you. there is nothing i can do to save you, ask god to help this is the only thing you can do. not only do i care but he does also, he loves you with his whole heart, thats why he placed it on my heart to tell you so that you may live in heaven with him forever, think of this. if all those people that hate you aret saved you get to watch them burn as you float in heaven. if anything atleast consider im crying for your sake this must mean something to you! i promise i will pray for you and be a good friend of you want just please put the gun down.
  • It's never too late to turn things around. We all feel like that sometimes, but please get some help. There are many lives out there that can be touched by yours.
  • Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline before you do anything. 1-800-273-8255
  • If you are going to do it, why ask a question? I think you need some support, not death. Please tell all of a little more about your situation. Are you on antidepressants? Did something awful happen to you to bring you to this point NOW? This is the greatest site. There are zillions of members with every point of view in the book. Give us a chance.
  • Aim at your big left foot toe.
  • Shoot yourself with a salad shooter, you lack of roughage in your diet will probably kill you. Congrats on your seven years of work. Did you earn a degree, write the greatest novel or become a doctor?. Let us celebrate with you.
  • Give yourself a chance to get out on your own and find people who truly care about you and your accomplishments. Things look bad to you now because you have no support network. Use us here as your network until you can build one in real life. Most of us will help you any way we can, and the experience level is very, very high.
  • Wait. Give yourself a day. Promise yourself you will get a good night's sleep and tomorrow will look much better. It's obvious you're in a lot of emotional pain right now. We have all been there. Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. People (family/friends) often don't realize how they come off as uncaring. They may have problems of their own. You need an emotional break and suicide isn't the answer. The only thing suicide will earn you is a reputation. Do you really want them to say, "Yeah, I always knew he/she was crazy and I was right!" Is that what you want? Prove them WRONG! Yes, you've worked hard those 7 years. I've been there. I've had people jealous over my accomplishments and at the time, it hurt my feelings badly. Since then, with each additional accomplishment, I realize that it doesn't matter what family or friends think. Certain people will only cheer on someone else who is in the same boat as they are. If someone pulls themself up by the bootstraps and betters themself, then the other person is miserable because it shows he/she didn't make the effort. He/she is jealous, pure and simple. If he/she cannot give you the cudos you have earned, then simply write them off until he/she gets over it. GI-GO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. I've learned from people I work with that the great thing about the worldwide web is that you can make friends who will cheer you on, celebrate your accomplishments, and cry with you when the going gets tough. You can find a terrific family online who will care about you no matter what. Again, WAIT until tomorrow. Things will look a little better or more managable tomorrow.
  • if this is for real grow the f.... up i aint preaching god crap,i picked my sorry butt up from a junkie hell with no one ,so if you think 2day is a bad day then it can only get better. like the other person said get new friends .im know a struggling single mom and i love my life .if things are so bad before u off ur self try moving to new state who knows maybe youll meet some one make a good friend what do you got to lose,i hope you think hard about what you plan on doing reach out people are there
  • well, I am sorry you feel that way, but my homeless drug addict brother has a lot more to complain about than you are and he still hangs in there....
  • Make your own mind your best friend. Explore your mind. You will find the experience rewarding. Negative thoughts will go away.
  • A permanent action like you're suggesting, to try to solve issues that are so trancient by nature, is certainly not the best or only option. I'm just as certain that there are people that love and care about you, it just seems like they don't at times; we all aren't that good at sharing our feelings for one another, but that doesn't mean they're not there. Sometimes family seem to be the most critical, but often it's their way of trying to help, clumsy as it may be. There are also a great number of people on this site, that have developed great lasting friendships. Please stick around and get to know some of them. They'll applaud your successes, and stick by you when you're down; it can't hurt to try.
  • If you're really contemplating suicide, I'm going to suggest that you contact someone right now to talk to -- a friend, a pastor, a neighbor, a help-line, someone. Suicide is not the answer. You can't wake up tomorrow and say, "Hey, I really didn't want to do that, I was just in a bad mood." It usually seems that you're family doesn't care, but if we all went on our families'opinons, there would be a lot more suicides. Other than my two brothers, I haven't talked to a member of my family in six years. Be proud of yourself and what you did work seven years to earn. Post your accomplishment here on AB, under AB Users and I guarantee you'll get complimentary kudos. The main thing is to realize that you may think right now you don't have people who care about you, but you really do. Sometimes it just takes a little work to find them. Trust me -- we've all been there, and we've all felt that same way. Hang in there. It will get better.
  • dont do it man. you only get 1 life. i used to want to kill myself all through 6th grade and it was a horrible time in my life. i am so lucky i didnt have the courage (or the weapons)to do it. think of all the people that would miss you. im sure your family doesnt want you to die. death is not the way to go. dont kill yourself. think of all the good times you can have if you live. death is not the answer. help is. god made you for a reason, notfor you to kill yourself. dont do it dude. if you do, ill cry :'(
  • Why work for something for seven years just to throw it away because you don't have anyone to celebrate with??? I celebrate by myself all the time! :) Lonliness hurts, we've all been there but it is temporary and suicide is permanent. Pray about it, even if you're not religious (what do you have to lose, right?). It is the best and quickest help you can receive. TRUST ME. My prayers are with YOU this evening. *hugs*
  • where you are in life right now, doesn't dictate where you will be in the future. Just because you don't like the way things are today, doesn't mean that it all wont turn around tomorrow. you have a lot to live for, even if you can't see it. even if you don't think people care, trust me, somebody does. if it's already as bad as it can get, the only thing it can do is get better.
  • Hey Bpurtle, is this you again? Members, check out Bpurtle's questions and let me know if you think this is the same person.
  • Hey man, I understand your going through rough times, but suicide is not the answer. I have delt with much lonliness also in my life, and some points, I also feelt like giving up on life. I never did though, because I realised that life is what you make of it. You got what you wanted, because you worked 7 hard years to get it, am I not right? So then if you want people around you in life, just go find them. I know that we blame the world around us for the bad in our lives, and often life does hand us alot of bullshit, but it's up to us to fix our problems. Trust me if you try, you can repaire your relationship with your family, and make new friends. You just need to be possitive, yourself, and open up. Things will get better, just don't dwell on the bad, and focus on the future. Stay strong!
  • If everyone would flag this questions as offensive or nonsense, it might get the attention of the moderators. I can't imagine that they want the liability of providing a venue for someone to get instructions on how to harm themselves.
  • I know it's tough. But I can't say I know how you feel..because even if I try I'll come close but won't achieve what you went through..or are still going through. As a comfort, know that God will never push you over your limits. He will never let you go through more than you can. If you are going through bad times right now there obviously has been a good time. It will all pass. Keep in mind that you have a purpose on Earth. Your life means something. Don't take back what God has given you. Life is a privilege. Everyone goes through hard me. But if you ever feel it's tough for you, pray. E-mail me whenever. God bless, angelzz.
  • Apparently you are having major problems with depression which feeling alone is a horrible thing to feel but you can get better, suicide is something you can't take back. You are cared for apparently by all the answers. You need to find and surround yourself with those who love you. And congrats on what you have worked for, care if I asked what you earned? Seven years is alot of time to focus on one goal and You should feel good about your accomplishment, at least pat yourself on the back . But granted, I know from my experience with depression, it can rob you of any joy and make you feel isolated. Puts blinders on your eyes making you not see the true view of things. Granted if you feel like there is a need (esp if their is family history) speak with a professional, find those who will treat you like you deserve ... Your life is too important to end and sure you will be glad you stuck around later on. Don't do something you can't change...
  • You'll be SOOOOOORRY......Think twice before you make that move.
  • Suicide is an eternal solution for a temporary problem
  • try to be a muslim and let god be ur friend u will find the hapiness it 's seem that you are lose the life, so dont lose the life after dieth ur brother ,,,
  • If there's something you have to shoot at right now, it's none other than your very own perception, your confused emotions, your depression. All of these jumbled and bundled in your thoughts that's why you couldn't think straight. It has clouded you from seeing exactly what needs to be remedied. I may not be in your situation right now, but only others who are ready to listen can help you through with what you are in right now. Never put it onto yourself to end your life for the person who knows what he/she is regretting is the only one who can better be able to learn from it and move from there. This is how life goes. You learn from it and you move on. But if you end it now, what is there to learn? As I have said earlier, if we are clouded by our jumbled emotions, we cannot see the situation clearly. In my fits of anger in the past, I admit that I only thought that I'm mad at the whole world and at everything. I got this I-don't-care attitude. You too are undergoing this kind of perception that is vented on people like your friends, family, anyone in your workplace, even in your thinking that you are alone. You are not. Even here in the AB community where you have posted this, they are there to lend you a hand and advice on what's best to do. You aren't alone at all. Not unless if you are that close-minded. Open up a bit, and give life again a try. There is no second chance to a person who is 6 feet below the ground.
  • PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEE DONT DO IT! think it over call a hotline or something but please dont kill youirself. look at all these people who care, if you feel lonely then join a club, a fitness club or something like yoga or find a hobby but please dont kill yourself. if your still alive tell me you can talk to me if you want, you can email me at
  • Listen you have a son and a sick wife? How will committing suicide help THEIR situation? How will you wife tell your son that "daddy killed himself" Thats an awful heavy burden for her to bear.
  • WOW, you sound like i did a year ago. but i found a peice af advice in an unlikely place that changed my life. and i am not trying to be vulgar but it must be quoted to get full meaing: "fuck em" i intrepeted as this: live for yourself. you worked 7 years, AWSOME! who cares if they give a rats ass, i am still single and that sucks. i lived on the streets and ate from the trash, i survived in various conditions for the sole purpose of being good enough for her. i am now 19 and a national paramedic. i was forgotten. she did not love me, my parents thought i wasted my time, i lost my abulance job after two weeks(fought with the boss) and now i make barly enough to survive, alone. we are two of a kind but you need to see what i see, life is about YOU! yeah it sucks, work blows, money is fleeting, and i aint gonna feed you some hippi balongy about how you need to appreciate what you have. but live for you. life is not about $, and is better with love. but that is not the final meaning of it. those are luxuries we are conditioned to think we need. if you are like me and care so little about life invert that idea into not fearing death. then when you have nothing to loose enjoy life witout fear. get high on life, adrenalin is a powerful drug. smoke, drink, sleep around, do what ever you want and dont fear the consequences because you have nothing to lose. then life will be a rush, you will find things that used to scare you to be exillerating, and your life may not be as long but you will be happy. that is what life is about, not some disney BS morals, not religion, not even finding your "true" love. i can tell by your context you feel alone. well, let your balls drop and go for the girls you think are out of your leaug. most will say no, but some will find you interesting. and without fear of death/rejection/ or anythiing else you are free in life as you would be in death. death is the cowards way out, and ironicly it requires initial bravery. if you have the stones to pull the trigger you have the courage to live life to the fullest. trash cans have good food if you know where to look. i understand money is tight but just do it. move far away, lose your phone, and start over with your new philosophy. only take what you have acomplished. START OVER AND KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, LIFE WILL BE DIFFERENT, my brother, i do feel your pain, but that bullet will ripple and deal more pain to those that love you then you can possible know.
  • Come on now, it sounds like you are letting emotion take over logic. You are being irrational. Do you really think that your family HATES you, and no one will care? Well guess what, a lot of ppl on here don't even know you, and they all care. If you have a family, they will definately care. Why don't you have friends? Is it because you don't want friends? I understand what your going through. I get depressed a lot and say things that I don't mean. I feel suicidal, but I would never act on iy! I suggest that you get professional help, AB is not sufficient in this case. We have a time constraint here. Get help from people who know what they are doing, right away!!
  • Not so fast. All problems are temporary and this is a permanent solution. If you have to shoot yourself, do it in a toe. That way you'll feel pain and be punished. If you shoot yourself in a critical place, you won't feel the pain. You will be gone and beyond it. You won't even have the chance to correct anything you thing you did wrong. That isn't the way to go. It is the coward's way.
  • p.s. Do you really think anyone here is going to tell you how to do yourself in?
  • you dont, you get some help instead
  • you dont, you get some help instead, i heard that kind of stuff can backfire anyways, someone told me they knew someone that shot themselves in the head and went blind, dont do it
  • I'll be your pal - seriously. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nobody should feel THAT alone.
  • nowhere, get some help instead, ive heard of people shooting themselves in the head and ending up blind, you can make your life so much worse by doing that

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