• Well, not everyone feels that way,iiNSANE. I think if a guy cheats on his girlfriend he will carry it over into his married life and that is never good. It doesnt seem like anyone tries to build character and self-dicipline anymore. Everyone only thinks of instant gratification and short term pleasure. It is never good for either a girl or a guy to cheat on their partners. If the partner is not good enough for you, then you need to get out of the relationship. Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it.
  • Hon listen, I'm reading your comment and I feel for you. Look only stupid guys with stupid friends are going to cheer them when they cheat. If one of my friends wanted to cheat on his significant other everyone I know would take him out slap him across the face, ask him what the hell is wrong with him and tell him that he's with a good woman and not to screw it up. I'd expect them to do the same for me. You need to find a good respectable guy with good respectable friends. I'll pray for you.
  • Your premise is wrong. When a guy cheats on a girl he is no hero.
  • There are double standards created by stupid guys. A guy who cheats is not a hero. He is a jack a**. But it isn't fair that girls get labeled as whores and sluts if they do the same thing.
  • HERO...Hell no... !!!!! A cheating guy is just as much of a jerk as the girl who cheats.
  • well guyts have s diffrent perception on that....getting with more ladies makes you more of a player and i dont mmind being a player
  • I think it should go the same both ways. however we live in a sexist world the man may not be a hero but people seem to understand more. they blow it off saying men can't control themselves if a pretty girl forced there way on top of them they would not fight a bit cause there men. well that can go both ways to because some woman have a mans sex drive and if a realy hot guy was pushen himself all over them they might give in too knowing there man would do the same thing.
  • He is no more a hero than she is a whore. However, there are definately double standards. Generalisations - NOT TRUE FOR EVERYONE or me. If a man tells other men he has had sex with several women in a week - the men will be in awe or jealous... If a woman tells other women she has slept with several men in the week - a much higher percentage of women would think it bad than in the man example above. Its probalby due to genes. In the past the biggest and storngest male probably had all the women he wanted - a bit like a lion and the other males went without. Just because its in the genes doenst mena we have to be the same today. We have morals and self control.... Not all men are like that. Not all men think like that. Not all women would not sleep around either. I am comparing the sexes as a whole. Not individuals . (Have to caveat my opinions so much before I get thousands of negative ratings). I havent said whether either is wrong for sleeping around. That is a different question. But the double standards does not seem fair. The majority of people probably dont have double standards - its just the minority that swings it.
  • I agree that a double standard exists in so far as men with multiple partners are called "players" and women with multiple partners are called "easy". But I believe that anyone heralding a cheater of either gender as a hero is the exception, not the rule. Infidelity is wrong no matter who is doing it. If you want to sleep with someone else, you should either be honest or break up. You're better off without him.
  • First if you are with someone you should not cheat period, if you want to see other people and be open to options of being with others, then dont even get together with the person. Cheating is overall wrong, and it doesnt prove anything. A guy is definitely not a hearo when he cheats. I would use the word, scum, slime, I know what you are thinking thats kind of harsh words. The same applies for a woman. Someone who cheats is unhappi with themselves I believe.
  • This is just a stereotype, guys can be whores to.
  • It is a sign of the underlying tones of misogynism in our society. These are left over from an age where a woman's body was the property of a man, and had to be reserved solely for him. These words and attitudes served to dissuade women from sexual behavior outside of their assigned societal role.
  • its because girls are the receivers, guys are the givers.
  • I really don't think the majority of people feel that 'when a man cheats he's the "man", the "pimp", but when a female cheats shes the biggest whore alive'. I know I don't.
  • Because the guys you are referring to are jerks and idoits and as usual you are ignoring the nice guys who wouldn't do something like that and who's friends would never condone that. I'm not bitter or anything though.
  • no-one is the alternative spelling of "no one".

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