• I've always loved Verizon. I've encountered at least 5 "dead zones" in the past year where others don't have reception, and I have two bars. Service is great- I love online companies where you can self serve (although the minutes meter can be confusing, but I never go over my minutes anyway). I've never had a dropped call. My main complaint is that text messages, in or out, cost 10 cents. Odd people will text me and of course I feel like I should find out what they want, and it adds up in the end. Otherwise, great!
  • In the area I live in, Verizon has twice the coverage and dependability of other providers.
  • Verizon.
  • we only get verizon around here but it seems to be pretty good
  • I used to think that Verizon had it hands down but they've taken a drastic slide in service, and customer relations.If you don't live in an area with service from U.S.Cellular I pity you, they are the most reliable in my area. I've known SBC employees that were given free phones and service from Cingular and they still bought competitors phone/plans to assure the could communicate. Sprint has to be the worst with Nextel close behind, it's no wonder they joined forces; apparently to suck twice as bad.TMobile I haven't heard much about, but I think it's because they can't be taken seriously. I've heard good things about Altell(sp?) but they aren't available in my area.
  • i like Cingular! " Rasing the Bar... Even More... " " Your World. Delevered " " The Fewest Dropped Calls in America!"
  • Sprint?
  • I would say it's between Verizon and Cingular.
  • we only get verizon around here but it seems to be pretty good
  • US Cellular is amazing. Good plan for extended coverage. I travel a lot and a rarely run into a dead spot.
  • Alltel has been the best I have ever had so far and to this day I have had T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, ClearTalk, and Virgin Mobile. It has the most minutes for the cheapest plans and they have the 1, 5, 3, 10 or 20 MyCircle numbers which allows you to call anyone you want without using your minutes if you assign them to your MyCircle plan. I have the 10 MyCircle numbers with 1200 anytime minutes for a family plan with my fiance and we have unlimited night and weekend, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited text, unlimited video message, unlimited picture message, unlimited internet axcess and a lot of other neat features for $100 total per month. I dont think you can find anything close to that anywhere else! Of course this is the 4th most expencive plan but they have plans to fit everyone. I have been with Alltel since they first opened because they bought US Cellular in 2006 and have LOVED every minute of it! I highly recommend trying Alltel out!
  • Verizon...hands down. Buy the Consumer Reports magazine that rates cell phone companies, phones, service etc for a complete breakdown by state. Its VERIZON. Verizon has more towers (satellite access) When we had the black out a few years ago...that told teh whole story on cell service. In New York City Verizon was the only company that had the ability to call from anywhere. Most others could not call at all or could only call in a few areas of the city. Verizon recently received an award for the best customer service/tech support. I work in midtown Manhattan and my coworker has ATT and her phone wont work on the 1st,2nd, & 3rd floors. I have gone on vacation with friends who have Sprint and they had to stand by the window to make a call while I lay in bed on my phone with Verizon svc. The only advantage other companies have over Verizon is better price plans but Verizon just added a new Friends & Family plan where you can add 5 numbers of friends from any network and not be billed for usage to these numbers.
  • Verizon has always had the best signal reliability for me I used to have people with phones on other services borrow mine when they couldn't get a call through.

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