• First of all, check your equipment: 1. Electricity cable (For setting up the mini-PS2, make sure you have the adapter for it.) 2. Three colored cables (Red, white and yellow.) 3. Controller 4. Memory Card 5. A kickass modern TV which can handle tough sounds. 6. A SCART thingy to plug the three colored cables. First step, deploy your PS2 into a suitable location safe for vibrations from the floor which could cause games to skip or freeze. Then plug the electricity cable into the infinity-shaped hole (If you have the mini-PS2, then it's a simple zero-shaped hole.) Now plug the color cables into the SCART or into the colored holes on the TV front or back. Second step, plug your controller into the 6-dotted slot on the PS2 front, and the memory card just above in a slot where it should say "Magic Gate". Third step, verify the channel you use to play, which often are AV channels. Fourth step, insert the game and have some serious fun!

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