• my dog has this issue with his food. He always paws at it till it spills then walks away.
  • My cat does the something a can figure it out... But If Anyone has found something or a way to make him stop please let me know thank you
  • Probably because it can. Mine used to do it and so I bought a bowl he cant knock over. Now he sticks his paws in it and flicks the water everywhere, I think he is just having fun.
  • Possible reasons why: He is bratty. He is bored. He is teasing you. He wants you to refresh it. He wants a wedge of lemon. -Seriously speaking though, one of my dogs will sit in front of the water bowl and stare at it or bark until I refill it with fresh water. Oh brother! lol Your cat may be frisky-or actually like water, as opposed to most cats.
  • Yes you need to get a large heavy dog food bowl. Your cat can't knock that over. That's what we had to do.
  • my cats have done this as well, I don't know why. I would wash their dishes daily, made sure their water was fresh at night and in the morning. I don't know why but it sure was annoying when they did it
  • yes, I think cat prefers milk to water. Put some milk in the bowl and you'll see the difference.+4
  • my cats like to put their paws in the water and have tipped the bowl, i think they like to clean themselves with the water, or the feeling of water on their little paws
  • Once and awhile i think she is just bored look for trouble. That a kitty for you.

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