• i hope they willl, they are so bad for you i mean, like why would people, do somehting that is proven to be bad for them, and i know it doesnt make them feel better about themselves, both my parents used to smoke but onvce they had me they stopped i am their anti-drug, so yes they should be illegal
  • Nope. There are far too many tax dollars involved.
  • No . The economy of coutries would fall apart in England Tax on cigarettes is roughly 98% of the cost of the package of 20 . Then they refuse smokers teatment in hospitals for certain illnesses ( I am not a smoker)
  • Actually or practically? Officially, no because governments need the taxes and the tobacco lobbies are too powerful to allow it to happen. Socially, yes. Smokers are already treated worse than lepers. Read hannatropicana's answer for an example. Can't smoke inside anywhere. Can't bring a lighter or matches with you on a plane to enjoy one during a layover. Can't smoke within twenty feet of business' entrance. Can't smoke here, there, or anywhere. I recently quit but part of the reason I smoked was because I had a right to. I may restart just to reassert that this is a free country. I didn't even want a cigarette until I was reminded how over-the-top the anti-smoking people are. Thanks a lot!
  • Eventually, I think they will be. If the people that don't smoke, get up and fight for it, they will always over power the person with the smoke for lungs.
  • no the goverment wont allow it they will lose too much money, but they would save money in the long run with all the money they spend on treating people with smoking related ilnesses
  • No. more than 200 years ago,tobacco was the #1 cash crop of america. today,marijuana is the #1 cash crop in america. remember the 206 billion dollars settlement the tobacco giants made with the't., some years back.well some of that money was paid out and because of a technicality in the settlement,r.j.reynolds and phillip morris are demanding their money back.the money the gov't.received were sold as u.s.savings bonds.anytime now those bonds can be cashed out.problem is the tobacco co.stopped their this is the scenario,bonds have matured,interest is building up and the gov't. is broke.with that kind of odds against the't.,the only way out of this is to legalise marijuana.every year the u.s.would save 10 billion dollars by disolving the d.e.a.enforce applicable taxes and make marijuana so cheap that hardly anyone would want to bother to sell profit and the industry dies,hence the killing stops and half of the prisons are empty. there are more than a billion people prohibited from drinking alcohol but smoking is you see we have to dig a hole to fill a hole and this is how it will continue. i am a non-smoker.
  • Yes. Little by little our freedoms are being taken away. I hate the smell of smoke. I think smoking is a disgusting habit and I do want it to become illegal but it might become the last straw for those who are already a little on edge about how restricted their lives have become.
  • Not in this current world. Too much revenue is generated, everything from those that grow it to those that treat diseases resulting from the use of it. God made tobacco for a reason and I don't believe it was to be smoked. In the future we will find out the purpose for tobacco and then use it in an appropriate way. Then smoking, chewing, etcetera will be over with and there won't be this big debate.
  • Nope! They make the government too much money. The most they'll do is stick little labels on them which say 'smoking kills' which is some how s'posed to be a major attempt to stop some people from smoking.
  • i hope so. thats why most people due. i cant stand people who smoke! i mean its just like them screaming "I WANT TO DIE! I WANT TO DIE!"
  • I don't think so. However, there will probably be increased protection for those of us who do NOT want to smoke everyone else's drug. This isn't an infringement upon a person's right to smoke. Rights are not limitless; they end where another person's rights begin. "Your right to swing your fist ends where another person's nose begins," and the same is true of your cigarette smoking.
  • ===============> answer 4 is right about taxes <===========> i have ben somking for years now i started when i was 13yo when cigarettes were only $0.20 a pack that was in the late 60's now im 56yo and only with that i quit but every time i try i smoke more I REALLY THINK THAT THEY NEED TO MAKE THEM ILLEGAL ...........IT MAKE ME SICK TO SEE A YOUNGER KIDS SMOKEING when i started they did not have a warning of the risk to your health then you can smoke any ware in the doctor office people smokeing / stores/ just about any ware they can smoke back then
  • You won't even be offered a final smoke once the ruling from the death panel is 'executed,' if you will.
  • No. Brings in too much tax money for state and federal governments. Too many jobs would also be lost.
  • For the time being, tobacco is much too significant of an economical factor for that to happen, and unfortunately, also quite a big cultural one, at that.
  • I hope so. I have never run into such a generally inconsiderate group of people in all my life. From littering (butts are EVERYWHERE including on the ground beside outdoor ashtrays), to ruining the health of others, with no consideration of their well being, I'm fed up. And I think I'm not the only one. Ball State Universitiy in Muncie, IN recently instituted a NO SMOKING policy on campus. Know why? Because smokers there would not police themselves and threw their trash everywhere. It got to be too much for maintenance to clean up after, so they banned smoking on campus except for a few areas. Now the smokers are crying, as if they had no warning. The fact is the university discussed this for about a year before it was made a law. So sorry smokers. If you'd clean up after yourselves instead of acting like little kids, you might have my sympathy.
  • not since the gov. taxed them.
  • Don't count on it. There is to much money involved. +4
  • No. Even though the tobaco companies are showing a good face and playing along, they still have the controlling share.
  • In Michigan, they ARE illegal for anyone under the age of 18. They are also prohibited in most public places, but...I think the government is making too much money from taxing cigarettes for them to ever be totally illegal.
  • I doubt they will ever be illegal as in illegal to everyone, but i suppose its possible, but highly doubtful.
  • no. gov. makes to much money off it
  • ============> i only wish they were outlaw because then i know i quit .....I HAVE TRY SO MANY TIMES
  • No. Too much tax money involved. Obama just put 62 cents more per pack on them in April. They will not give that up.

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