• Sounds like one of the Dummy books would be a good starting point. They're pretty good at defining terms and laying in the basics. You can move on from there to studying which investment markets make sense in today's economy, and what you really need to know to read the weather in that market.
  • great question blackberry! i started out my career as a research analyst for a socially responsible mutual funds company then went into real estate. i learned all about the financial & real estate industries on the job and by observing & picking the brains of brilliant portfolio managers and real estate moguls. i would recommend yahoo first off. they have a very basic finance 101 on their site. i use yahoo as a quick reference for stock performance and company info. if youre interested in finding out more information on specific companies, check out the company websites and google them. i would strongly recommend checking out their financial reports on the sec site, 10k, proxy, etc.) you may want to consider checking out the library or take a course in investing at your local college. or you can just google investing ~ theres lots of good info floating out there for the beginning investor. my advice for a novice investor is to diversify, diversify, diversify. and unless youre going with an aggressive strategy, buy and hold ~ the market is cyclical and chances are if the company is solvent/making money ~ you will make a lot more money by buying & holding than stock picking/day trading ~ thats really risky. and its more important when you sell than when you buy. and depending on your investment strategy, you may want to leave the tough stockpicking decisions to a portfolio manager.
  • Join an investment club. Every city has them, you can join for a small fee which is usually invested for the group as a learning tool and you can learn a great deal about investment and finances that way
  • Try INVESTING FOR DUMMIES. You aren't a dummy, but it is written for people who are naive about the subject.
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