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  • I'm 38 and my sexuality has improved, today it is better than it was when I was 31 and when I was 31 was better than when I was 22. Perhaps I don't have as much sex as before but it's definetively better.
  • Im 49 and it sure did for me.I am more mature and like to try more things because of it.I have a more open mind and this also turns on my partners.Things that i've tried now i would never have given another thought at 20 or even 30 yrs old.however , my sex drive have decreased to,which is not all a bad thing,because since i dont have that strong sex drive,i enjoy more playing,instead of the need to get off.
  • 46, and I thought my sexual peek was at 17 or 18 well, forget it!!! ...its here now, like the energiizer bunner I keep going...and going...and going !!!!
  • Hey don't be fooled. I am 47 and it is surely not like it use to be when I was 31. Try your best at staying healthy. However, your experience will be better at 40 on knowing how to stimulate her better.
  • Not if you start worrying about it. Relax and be natural, but remember it's as much, if not more, about giving pleasure than receiving it.
  • Absolutely!! I'm 45 and even if the sex isn't as often, it is still way better than when I was 25 or 30. Another good case for why youth is wasted on the young!!! LOL
  • I'm 58 years of age and all that I can say is that my sexuality has never been better. With age and experience in sex also comes wisdom and great joys. I think that you'll enjoy and appreciate your sexuality more, the older you get. At least that's been my experience.
  • (Ok I admit Im almost 36) My exwife still looked good in her 30s... Being sexy depends on you & how you take care of your body... If you want more sex do sexy things, get a boyfriend, learn how to get yourself off by masturbation...

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