• Why not? Lots of people choose to remain single. No responsibility to anyone, lots of 'me' time, do what you want when you want, don't have to answer to anyone. I lived alone for 30 years and loved it. I'm happily married now but sometimes I miss my single days.
  • To be happy and never worry about seat up/seat down. :D
  • Many people are involved in careers that are very important to them...but are not conducive to a marriage relationship...because of frequent travel, etc. These careers, like the military, are difficult to persue and maintain a traditional marriage relationship. Many do, though, but it takes a special type of people and a special relationship. And, there are those who simply never found that special one. There are often "marriages of convenience" ...but many just cannot do that. To them, it must be a true love bond. It is not because they want to "play the field", though it may be for some. There was a time when all single people after a certain age were looked at with either pity or suspicion. Thank goodness that has least in this culture....somewhat....
  • Population control
  • Not everyone wants to get married, perhaps because they value their independence. They may want to focus on their careers and not compromise their geographic mobility. Alternately, some people are not single by choice. They might just not have found someone who treats them the way they want to be treated.
  • When you remain single, you can plan and conduct your life pretty well without the threat of having it disrupted by your significant other deciding to up and become insignificant by cheating on you, stealing your money, letting your dog get hit by a car, changing his/her mind and walking out on you, etc. You also avoid having children who become criminals and drug addicts or otherwise break your heart. Hitching up with someone else is a big gamble. There are lots of good points in favor of remaining single.
  • To have total independance.
  • So as not to inflict my selfishness and other shortcomings on anyone else, spouse or child.
  • Ah the sweet glory of being single! What bliss to not be told 24/7 what you SHOULD be doing. What bliss to only have do deal with your OWN messes!
  • Remaining single is better than being with someone for the sake of being with someone.
  • maintaing a lifestyle that works and has worked for a long time which includes privacy, peace, and freedom. Some of us are better single than married.
  • Some people are not "marriage material". Truly it is all for the best.
  • Just think of all the benefits: you can cry yourself to sleep any night you like; you can eat all of your meals out of a can; no one fusses at you if your place is a pigsty; you can drink until you vomit every night of the week; if you get sick, there's no one there to witness it; and best of all, there's none of that mushy, goofy kissing and hugging and sex and stuff!
  • What's the point of getting into a relationship just to have one? Seriously, I don't understand this thing where people feel the need to have someone (doesn't matter who), just to up their self esteem or something. There are benefits and drawbacks to both being single and not.
  • Freedom to play around, no committment, no hassle.
  • Avoiding being hurt !!
  • Being single is great until you find the right life partner with whom you can share values, goals, direction, and intimacy in every dimension of life. That is not to say that there is a perfect person for anyone - just a right one for most. When you find that person and take time to know them, thenb there will be no point in being single. Get married. That would be my suggestion. Until then, keep your eyes and heart open for the possibilities in a relaxed and confident way.
  • learning to be happy with yourself, getting to know yourself without outside influences.......learning to enjoy life without depending on someone for your happiness. Learning to be whole (I'm not one who believes in having someone will make you complete, need that before having a healthy relationship) But thats my two cents, if it really is worth that much LOL
  • fun flirting : )
  • Getting laid as much as you want and not feeling guilty.
  • It's easier and much less expensive in the long run !! For real should be single, until you find someone you just CANNOT live without. Try a long distance relationship for a while. If you feel like dying every time you leave each other, it's prob. okay to be together. Otherwise, forget it !!
  • It is one thing to fall in love. It is another to rush into love, or even lust.

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