• I'm guessing your cat dislikes your dog! Cats hate the smell of orange peel. Try rubbing some of that on the pillow. Mind you, the dog might not like it either.
  • duct tape his asshole
  • I'm a dog lover--get rid of the cat!
  • Its usually a behavior that is hard to fight, my coworker had to put her cat on kitty prozac, I am not joking, the vet prescribed kitty prozac
  • Sorry I had to post it separately, but there was another "error on a page" glitch. Thebyann, oh, I really appreciate your help! She's a 9 year old Chinchilla, got her from breeder @2 months. She's been a scarrity-cat from a very beginning. We tried to make her happy by all means, the only way she was happy - left alone. She looks like she barely stands us. Couple of times she ran away, but came back home. So, we got a puppy. A large breed dog, very intelligent, tactful, an A+ student at obedience classes. She knows leave it, she never had a chanse to chase the cat, knows her place and very cooperative. Cat started her revenge. First she peed on my daughter's bed. When she was not allowed there anymore, she started to do it in a master bedroom, right in the middle of a bed. We closed this door for her too (I got tired to change bedding every time)... Then she found every place where the dog was, and poop there. Finally, I had no choise but to let her go to the basement and do whatever she wants there (it's almost empty). But whenever she can, she takes her chanse, sneaks out, goes upstairs, does her stinky stuff and runs back to basement... I'm kinda tired of struggling for her cooperation. She's spoiled rhotten - my husband cooks for her, we grow grass for her, regularly check her health, teeth, we got and made tons of toys for her, trying to attract her, we know she's scared of an opening fridge, so my daughter first takes her in hands, calms her down, while we deal with fridge opening... I donno... I would really like to make her a happy kitty-cat, but hooooow???
  • wow, your cat must really hate him huh !!!??!?! hehe. what a tough situation but every time your cat goes take him straight to the literbox. and after each meal, too.
  • UUUUuuuugggrrrhhh!!! She did it again!!!!!

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