• yep. welcome to the world of child abuse. It happened in front of neighbors and the police and family friends and in church and NOBODY did a thing.. nobody got involved (not even the police)
  • Yes.Painful but unavoidable!
  • ...who doesn't? O.o i dare ya go bring me a guy who hasn't, if ya do -I'll either call the guy a freak or congratulate the lucky bastard.
  • Yea, my mum was good for that. I remember her telling our old neighbours the really stupid things I had done like pushing my brother off a bunk in a motorhome. And she would smile when they scolded me, one time I came home late on a friday I just turned 17 and she felt that my curfew had to be 8:30. When I got home she was telling my neighbours how she was going to ground me and had already taken all my stuff out of my room and took it to her work. When I walked closer one of my neighbours started yelling at me for making my mum worry and all I said was, "You know what? GO FUCK YOURSELF!" and I called the police the next day and reported that they had a meth lab in their house. Then when they were leaving I scolded them for being horrible people. My mum went into treatment for depression and her therapist asked her if she truly wanted me to leave the house. She said no that she was just disaplining me for njot listening and the lady tld her that she was just being controling for her own pleasure. Then I moved out, only moved back in because my boyfriend was never home so we sold the house and the money sits in an account for when he wants to buy a house. Things are better now, though she still tries guilt tripping me for having made plans for a certain day before she does.
  • No. They took particular care about that. But I remember my father narrating an incident early in his life where he was refereed to as a servant and not as a member of the family while he was serving lunch to some outsider friends of his father. But that was a personal humiliation and not a public humiliation. I wonder what made my father tell me about this incident. It must have hurt him badly, I suppose.
  • Never.
  • Every chance they got.
  • i have when i was in cuba in church and my anut was on the chior and i kept talking while she was saying be quite and she can dont and pinched me so hard that all ma friend laughed at me
  • Yes, It made little difference to them who was around. They were not 'educated' as to the harm they could do to a child's self esteem. In fact, I was extra careful when others were arround so they didn't do that. Humm, wonder if that had a value???
  • My father had absolutely no qualms about insulting or screaming at us anywhere the mood struck him. Although he was good at showing face... In other words, the neighbors and outsiders were always held in much higher esteem than we ever were so sometimes, he saved it all up for the time when it was in private, we got all of the really good beatins and thrashings when the outsiders were not watching... because God forbid they thought badly of him. His father too, was a Holy name society, closet wife beater... he was a fake and a phony that had the ability to love and show kindness when it suited him, but never to his own because there was simply nothing in it for him personally.
  • When I was 14 my mom beat me up in front of a pizza shop in my neighborhood because I was eating pizza with my boyfriend at the time after 7pm. Embarassing. A bit irrational I think.
  • Oh yes, when I was about 12. My dad dropped to the ground with a back hand across the face right in front of the neighbors and their visiting family.
  • yup she did it infront of her entire class about something very personal and inappropriate, shes a highschool teacher. She likes to try and embarass people when shes mad.
  • Yes and i hate my mother for it i think she likes doing as in her mind it makes her lot like the bigger person i'm 27 years old and she still does it in front of my partner.
  • Yes i have. I remember this often happened when i was a kid. Not now though. They know i mean it when i don't want them to do or say things that are considered to be embarrassing in the U.S. Probably acceptable in other cultures.

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