• ONLY on AB, folks. only on AB. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL don't know what's funnier! this question or ChiliDog's pic. thanks for the smile!!!
  • I'm sure you could figure out a way to do it, probably involving an enema bag and running very fast from an exploding kitchen. Incidentally, my GF almost blew up the microwave last week. Not trying to microwave a fart, but rather trying to reheat some leftover take-out orange beef. I got home and smelled this intense smokey smell, opened the microwave (getting hit in the face with more of that awful smell, rather like being brained with a fart-flavored cricket bat), and there was a mess of bits of glass dinner plate, fused to which was a small carbonized lump of charcoal that presumably used to be beef or whatver the chinese place had been passing off as beef. How did this happen? Why did it happen to me?

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