• Do you know if you might have gotten a larger gauge this time or if the stud has any small indentations on it? Sometimes when you put a larger gauge in your piercing might swell around the jewelry or even reopen a bit and then reheal around the new jewelry. When you try to remove it the jewelry can feel stuck. Also, some studs have a slight indentatioin on them which helps the back of the stud lock into place. Sometimes there are more than one of these indentations and they can produce the same feeling of being stuck. In either case your best course of action is to slowly loosen the piercing until the jewelry comes free. To do th is you should first wash your hands and your piercing with warm soapy water and rinse clean. (Some people say leaving the soap around the piercing can help it work loose, but it can also make the jewelry slippery. It's up to you really.) Washing it will not only prevent possible infections, but will remove any crusty materials which can form between your skin and the jewelry. While you're washing your piercing, be sure to slowly rotate the piercing in each direction. Gently pull the piercing in several directions... as if you were lightly tugging on an earring. This will help loosen the actual hole and detach the jewelry from the skin. You don't want to pull hard enough to cause pain or reinjure the piercing. It's better to do it very lightly over a long period of time. In between the pulling you should continue to rotate the jewelry. Eventually the studd will slip out. If you mean that you can't remove the backing from the stud, you should just go back into Hot Topic and ask someone with piercings who works there if they have any tips. There might be a little trick to it or more likely they will tell you just to carefully pull a bit more firmly.
  • try using a dab of vaseline. thats what piercers use to stretch piercings.
  • I have the same problem with the same stud. My only thought is to snip the head off the stud and use tweezers to pull the post out from inside your nose. And...don't buy hot topic studs anymore!
  • I am having the same problem right now i have a little stud in my nose with a little ball on the end and cant seem to get it out all the way its like the ball end does not want to come out of my nose and it feels stuck. The best thing to do if you cant get it out yourself is to go to where you got it pierced (or any other piercing place) and have them remove and replace it for you
  • i have the sammmmmmmme problem thanks for all the tips ya'll! altough i've tried the soap, and soaking it...i'm gonna give it one more try, if it doesnt work i'm gonna clip off the top and pull it out...hopefully i'll be able to get another ball stud back in tehn!
  • Try not getting studs in your nose.
  • same thing happend to me!!! i started panicking cuz in school we arnt aloud to have them and what if they tell me to take it out..what do i soryr its stuck lol all i did was put warm water around it baby oil and then i kept twisting and hurt like hell no lie but finally it came out i cleaned it and put a new piercing in it im gona try to find a better one without the lil ball those lil bastards
  • I read , and Everyone's responses were well ; but no one mentioned the AFTER WARDS instructions . Just about 5 minutes ago , i had this same problem . My nose stud would NOT come out . I thought it was because it was infected (i have the tendency to stoop cleaning it after every couple weeks .) So i cleaned it last Thursday (today being Sunday) and it still would come out yesterday . So i did what an anonymous person said "I have the same problem with the same stud. My only thought is to snip the head off the stud and use tweezers to pull the post out from inside your nose. And...don't buy hot topic studs anymore!" I snipped my ball of with toenail clippers , then it came right out so the ball was really the problem . Honestly i don't know what size i got pierced with , soooo yeah I went around that little problem . I but in the biggest stud i had , about now 7 minutes ago . No one said it was going to hurt like getting hit with a sack of coal . but that's alright , lol . (: It worked and it gave me a chance to completely clean it . THANKS . (:

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