• nothing. If your parents are ok with the arrangement and they dont mind you 2 being together and they support the pregnancy, then keep the baby. there is no reason to take a poor little innocent baby out of this world just because of carelessness. its not fair. please, PLEASE dont have an abortion. if you decide you dont want the baby, then you can give it up for adoption. there are WAY BETTER options then murder.
  • God bless you! You are going to be OK and you can get through this. While many people will tell you abortion is an option, you should do a little research first. You will learn that many women suffer a lifelong regret and even depression as a result of aborting a baby. There are also medical risks including the possibility of future sterility (no more babies ever) and an increased risk of breast cancer. In addition, recognize that abortion is the killing of a real human being. The baby you are carrying is a unique and original person, with its own DNA separate from yours, and it is totally innocent of any wrongdoing. It is not the "product of conception" or "fetal tissue", it's a person. Killing it to make your life easier is very serious and selfish action to take. It WILL have consequences for you, far beyond simply the termination of the baby's life. You have two ethical choices here. You can (a) have the baby and raise it yourself, with help from the father and hopefully from both of your families. or, (b) have the baby and place it for adoption into another home. Adoptions can be open or closed. Open means you get some contact with the child as it grows up. That could be as slight as a letter from time to time with a photo or two, or as connected as you knowing the family, and visiting often. Closed means that until the child is 18, neither you nor they can find each other. I hope you make a choice for life.
  • An abortion is an option however you should seriously think about it first as well as asking the father what he thinks about it. Tell your parents if they don't know the quicker you tell them the easier it will be.
  • well you should have thought about the consequences before you had sex with a 21 year old.
  • You can spend the next couple of years working your ass off to make a life FOR YOURSELF without needing him in any way other than because you want him there.... If you actually do? If he is worth something to someone other than himself? If he isin't... get rid of his ass and begin accepting the fact that absolutely NOTHING in your life is all about you anymore... The alternative is to become completely dependent upon him or some other jerk? and allow him to ruin your life and your childs life too! Fix your own mess and turn something that can be potentially miserable into something wonderful for YOURSELF and your child. Finish school, got to college, get a degree and make a life for yourself!
  • I think you are not 16. And I doubt you are pregnant. The fact that you just asked "How do you do sex?" tells me this.
  • I hope your parents are ok with this relationship, because your boyfriend is going to get arrested if they're not.
  • 3 options. Keep the baby. Abort the baby. Put the baby up for adoption.
  • It depends on what you want, if you want to have the child have it. If you dont have an abortion. This is something you need to figure out on your own.
  • the first thing is not to think this is bad. i was 20 and my 16 year old girl friend at the time was pegnent to. she got it aborted because we both thort it was the best thing to do BUT. dont let anyone else make you feel that your not good enough to keep it. if you feel you can look after the baby and have enough money to do so then there is no reason to have it aborted. but if you want to live a little and try later on in life then you know what to do good luck with everythink.p.s IT WILL ALWAYS WORK OUT IN THE END
  • You have to decide for yourself. I just hope your parents don't press charges on your boyfriend
  • just asked, "What is the normal size in a dick?" I am guessing you are a lying slut & not pregnant, cheers!
  • Learn how to bake so that you can bring him home-baked apple pies when you go visit him in jail, where he's going for statutory rape
  • I recomend adoption. I was adopted and appreciate that my 16 year old mother cared enough to give me a chance at a better life.
  • I would highly recommend you give that baby up for adoption. That is unless you are FULLY commited to dedicating you life to that child, emotionally, financially, etc.
  • Seeing that you have asked other questions, such as how to have sex and how large a normal dick is, it is hard to believe you. If you are telling the truth, then your boyfriend is going to get arrested for rape & you should put the baby up for adoption. You should NOT have the baby aborted because that is MURDER. You are a minor and should not be having anything to do with a twenty-one year old.
  • Not sure about your point here. On the matter of the baby, you should keep it. Nothing will haunt you as badly for the rest of your life as the thought that you took a little life that you helped to make. On the matter of your bf, he may be, of course, in legal jeopardy. He is a legal adult who had sex with a minor. Depending on the state you both live in, he could be subject to criminal prosecution. If your relationship with him is good, you need to get him - first - to take responsibility for his child. Tell him that you will be with him and help him raise his child. If he is not interested, you may have to put the baby up for adoption if you have no other means of support. Second, and here a lot depends on how your parents will handle the news of your pregnancy, you need to get them on board not to press charges. They very well could and you - as a minor - cannot protect your bf. Getting them not to press charges will not fully protect your bf from prosecution - but it will help. If you get your parents on board, then, depending on the laws of your state, you may wish to consider marriage. (Admittedly, not ideal, but it will solve a lot of problems and will commit your bf legally to taking care of both you and his child.) Alternatively, stay at home and have your bf come by and help raise the baby in what amounts to visitation rights. This will keep him involved with you and the baby but will also afford you the safety and security of living in your parent's home. What I have outlined above barely scratches the surface of what you will need to do - and you absolutely need to bring your bf into the decision making process as soon as is practicable - but this is the starting point. You absolutely need to finish high school - and if possible college should still be in your future. This will provide you economic security in the long run. Either way, though, you are now thinking for two. That little person did not ask to be brought into the world - and my own view is that this could, if you are smart and your relationship to your bf is real and loving, be a beautiful thing. The odds are against you, bluntly, but if you keep your head and think of the best interests of your baby, you will improve your chances significantly.
  • Before you have the baby, learn to type "I'm".
  • Any choice you make is difficult. Please choose adoption. A family that can give your baby a loving family life is probably what's best for the child. Whatever you decide, I would urge you strongly: don't abort.

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