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  • He thinks it's longer than it Sometimes when you get into it and start going hard, that happens, and sometimes with catastophic consequences, because the dirt hole is right near the honey hole, and an unprepped intrusion into the dirt hole can be quite painful from my understanding.
  • His aim is off?? ;)
  • He's taking eight inch strokes with a six inch tool. That or he's trying to impress too much.
  • Are you familiar with engines? Some crankshafts have a longer throw than others to increase the displacement. These engines have long rods and long strokes... they produce a lot of torque. Some crankshafts have shorter throws to accommodate higher RPMs. These have short throws, and short rods. Both can produce plenty of high performance in the correct configurations. It really isn't the size that matters when the application is used correctly. However, when you try to take a long stroke with a short rod, you can end up causing damage... Like bent rods and thrown discs. Try a different position and suggest to rodeo Ron that he would do better if he didn't think he was an oil derrick.
  • That's pretty natural when they are less hard so bend more easily or smaller and on their outstroke they pull out too far so that when they try and push back it doesn't happen but they miss. Best to hug them closer so they can't pull out
    • Anonymous
      Better still, help them back in.

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