• Vegetables: Zucchinis or cucumber (really!!!)
  • Beward of hot dogs... lol. If you are looking for something that is not a "vibrator" they do sell similiar items at stores like tounge rings made of a strecthable plastic and finger covers. They usually have bumps or ridges on them... so that way you can do the work with a little bit of assistance. Here is a site that you can see what I'm saying a little bit better. Hope it helps. :D
  • Electric toothbrushes yes, especially if it isn't crack or has to be plugged in to use. Cell phones, not really since they aren't water tight. Look around for vibrating/massaging hairbrushes. You sometimes find them in Walmart or such or you can order online. There's chinese massage balls or chime balls people use them to calm themselves by playing with them in their hands. But you can put them inside a girl. They also make one specifically for that called Ben Wa balls. Usually people won't sell sex toys to under 18. You might have to use an older friend or relative or order online. You can also check what kinds of massagers they have at Walmart type store.
  • im 16 too & dont know if im the only one in my class that uses one or if all the girls in my class u do too but i love it. lol.. i actually went into the sex shop with a friend and bought it. if you dont act like an idiot and point and laugh at penises they leave you alone. they dont like it when you stay for long though because older men wont walk in if they see someone there grandkids age in there lol..(thats what they lady told me lmfao). just go in and go up to someone that works there right away and just tell them that. your looking for something for your 19 year old friend alone the lines of a vibrator. thats what i do. im a regular :) i buy "birthday presents" there all the time!! (go to a girl not a guy because guys are not sensitive to younger kids). if your not sure if she wants one or is intrested, just bring it up as a joke or in truth or dare... at first i was really nervous and then it was fun :). my boyfriend is 18 and is a big fan. he is the one who asked me about it too... goodluck :)
  • Do you have your own credit card or atm card that will function like one? If so just go online claim to be 18 and order one online. Just be there for mail delivery so mom doesnt open it. Before you go order adult toys or shoving veggies up your girlfriend you need to have some face to face talk about her feelings on the subject. Foreplay first, put a condom on that cucumber and buy some KY Jelly or Astroglide for comfort. Another option in a little something that catalogs like Walter Drake sell or used to sell Its call a face massager. Its a little thing you slip on your finger and it shows a woman massaging her cheek. It may get by the censors and fool the kids but every adult in the free world KNOWS that is a sex toy and a clitoral stimulator. The nice thing is you dont have to be 18 or 21 to massage your face. So do your research for face massagers. If you cant find a finger massager here is another sex toy under the guise of a comfort massage Have fun.

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