• Wish I was your husband!!!
  • i also can sya the same - wish i could be Your husband. Also i can say: some years agao i lived in a domintry studio fpor a few days... and of course i had to serve the studio visitors also..... they made me their tv sissy slut... i had to wear pantoies, a corset and also sissy clothings, i had to clean up the rooms after the sessions and also i had to suck other mans penis *blush..... i confess: that was the beautifulst days in my life. here some pics from that time
  • My man does it for me and loves when his mouth is filled with cum so he can let me come over and swap. Every man that has been sucked by my man all loved it because my man is good. Now im horny and want a cock in my mouth.
  • My wife has put my friend's cock into my mouth, but most of the time I don't need her help getting his cock into my mouth. She has watched me give my friend blow jobs and him cum in my mouth several times. Sometime we suck him together, the lucky one gets a mouth full of cum. I'm normally nude when I suck his cock.
  • I haven't done it, but I really want to!! Let us know how it goes!!

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