• I clear my throat, and say it again, but with a more stern voice
  • I wait a minute or two and then ask in a more authoratative manner, if I am still ignored I will complain and leave the store.
  • get red-faced and calm down. then say, "scuse me!" look her or him in the eyes and say what i said very slowly enunciating every word.
  • I throw a pie in their face.
  • I pray they work on commission and go to another sales person and make sure they know about it when I purchase the item.
  • I tap them hardly and say, "I asked you a question...isn't it your job to answer?"
  • Ignores or doesn't hear me? Those are two very different situations. I would make sure that I'm being heard before believing they are intentionally ignoring me. Should I believe that I will simply leave. I don't have time to complain about them in order to make this store, that is not satisfactory, better. It's their job to make the place run well, I'm not going to point out their problems for them. I'll simply take my business elsewhere.
  • If I'm sure they are really ignoring me instead of just not hearing me I would probably just walk away. What do you really get out of complaining or making a scene? I have worked in a retail and believe me it is no fun especially during the holidays. People think that because you work in the service industry that gives them the right to say anything they want to you.
  • I thought they were supposed to do that. There're not? Weird. I thought they were.
  • I wait around until they get off work, follow them home, wait for them to fall asleep, and then stab them to death.
  • Depends on what type of mood I am in. Most of the time I would just walk away.
  • I ask them again.
  • Get louder.
  • I ask to speak to the manager...and I say "Your clerk was unable to understand my English, perhaps you can help me?"...and as I speak English as a first language, they get the message!
  • If the sales clerk is already waiting on someone else, then I should be ignored. I'm being rude and interrupting. I should wait my turn. I see that all the time..some people think their questions/wants/needs take precedence over the rest of us peons so they barge right in and start talking. Now, if the clerk is unoccupied and ignored me, I'd either walk out or find the supervisor and advise him/her that their employee training classes are falling short of the mark of customer service! :)
  • I would wait until they managed to listen to me, and then tell them they had lost a customer. Last week I was in a dept store - the two shop assistants on the floor were having a conversation about getting time off to go to a party. Then they walked off into the store room - all this time I was waiting with one shoe in my hand waiting for them to go get the other. I left a note on the till telling them they had lost a customer and walked away
  • If they are not otherwise engaged I would be upset. Especially if they are goofing off, such as playing a game, reading etc. If possible, I would find a different employee and ask to see the clerks supervisor. If I cannot complain officially then would I leave the store and write to the 'owner' from home.
  • I'd probably raise my voice and repeat the question so loud they'd get embarrassed. Otherwise, I'd look for their boss and pretend like I was going to spend a lot of money but now I'm taking my business elsewhere, haha. Seriously though, why would you talk to a sales guy?!? Most of them lie and try to sell you stuff you don't need. Just research your big purchases online before going to the store and buying it (assuming you don't just buy it online...) and, for smaller purchases, you can usually figure it out in the store messing with the item or open a box and pull out the manual.
  • I throw things at them.
  • Well one time I was trying to ask this sales clerk if she knew where I could get Microsoft word for my mac, she pretended she didn't hear me. It was obvious she didn't want to talk to me because she wasn't busy doing anything or talking to anyone else. So I asked her again and she turned her back to me and acted like she was doing something else, still no answer. Then I said "Hello! Are you ignoring me? Then she looked at me with this stink eye and said "Are you talking to me?" with her arms crossed and the way she was standing I could tell by her body language that she was being a smart ass. I was pretty mad, so I said "I was talking to you, but if you are going to come at me with an attitude like that, then I will gladly ask someone else for help." By this time another sales clerk overheard us and came over to me and asked me what I needed help with, he told me that he was sorry for the way that she acted and that the other clerk can be rude sometimes. I told him no need to apologize. I told him not to worry about it and that I was going to go somewhere else and buy it.
  • I shop elsewhere vote with your feet.
  • I get even by walking out without buying anything but not before I have turned every shelf in the store upside down
  • I say, "Excuse me . . . " in a louder voice.
  • Excuse me! Are you understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth?
  • I say, excuse me--perhaps you didn't hear me. Then I repeat my question. If I don't get a response then, I will speak to the manager and never return!
  • If I still don't get a response I'll say "...or not." and leave. There isn't anything I can say that is going to make somebody care about their job.
  • It depends.....If it is a woman I will just leave, never to return....if it is a guy, I usually do something..personal, to help concentrate their minds next time.

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