• I bought the coffee for the car behind me in a Starbucks drive-through. It was really fun, because they tried to catch up to see if they knew me and I had to really outrace them. I like the idea of 'random acts of kindness'. It's a really tiny thing I guess.
  • If I did something for someone else without any desire for recognition, why would I want to brag about it here? I presume that the dearth of answers explains it all. ;-)
  • Went out to pick up lunch for my co-workers today even though I had brought my own lunch to work. Donated a turkey and a bag of food to the local food bank on Tuesday.
  • I brought a neglected, chained dog some food and water. He gobbled it right up!
  • I hung up some new curtains for an old lady, she wanted to pay me, but I refused to take the money. It was my gift to her.
  • The other day my bf was begging me for one of my adderall because he's bipolar and was entering a depression phase and it is sometimes used as a treatment for depression and at the end of the day when he left I slipped one in his pocket.
  • Well I cooked food for hours and got burned alittle in the process without desire for reward. When everyone gives thanks today..make sure to include being thankful for not being homeless..if you are the praying type..add a little prayer for them :)
  • Not telling anyone what I did good..only God knows. (WINK)
  • today actually was a big day of giving. Last night I baked 3 dozens cupcakes, 2 pies and 1 banana bread. Today I gave part of the cupcakes to my students, the other half to my coworkers as desert. I cooked supper (indian chicken with maple-curry veggies and rice) for my friends and tomorrow my co-workers will get a taste of the pies and banana bread....I guess I should stop saying that I hate to cook...;)
  • If I tell you, it will loose it's meaning.
  • Gave my neice a 2004 car I inherited and painted my brothers house plus invested his money in a venture that earned him almost $600 in four months. Oh, and donated $400 to the local Salvation Army.
  • I am fighting against the ruling of Proposition 8 so that gays have the right to marry. I am not gay nor do I have any friends who are gay but I have spent the past couple of weeks handing out fliers, making youtube videos, and encouraging people to fight the ruling all so that gays can have the right to marry. Also I gave a couple of dogs some sausage the other day. They were happy about that. I have also been creating youtube videos encouraging people to stand up for themselfs and speak their mind. I have nothing to gain from that at all. I also donated some money to an African disease prevention charity and education fund. I also donated some money to my History teacher. About 13 dollars worth and I plan on handing her much more.
  • I'd rather not brag about it.
  • Gave my boyfriend a nice rub down from his bald head to his toes.Ummm..oh yeah, I did get an reward. (blush)
  • I said a prayer for my guyfriends, whom I love dearly, like brothers.
  • Was headed home last night when I observed a family whose car had stalled in 4 lanes of traffic last night. Swung a u-turn, parked and offered to help push the car to the nearby cross street, out of traffic. Once the car was safely parked and the guy assured me help was on the way, I went back to minding my own business.
  • I do it everyday,I have two children, my reward is their future
  • I did all the work for a 3-man project for some other group for school because the people who were supposed to do it were busy- I left their names on the project, though.
  • I try to do something almost every day. Might be as small as holding open a door for someone else. Might be just talking with a stranger, wishing them a great day. Leaving them with a smile. Little things sometimes mean a lot.
  • We have an elderly woman that lives next door.She cant drive and has no family to help her.We take her to the grocery store with us and my s/o takes her shopping at the mall when she needs that type of stuff.They both get a big kick out of it.
  • About 30 minutes ago.
  • I do things for others often, just as a part of every day. Kindness and caring can come in many ways, some too small to even mention. I don't think of rewards when doing things.

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