• o I am in a store uying some shoes and the cashier asks the lady in front of me who is checking out for her last name. The customer freaks out and screams, I'm buying shoes, not a gun! Why do you need all of my information!!! The cashier tries to explain that in case she loses her receipt they can look up her transaction by name should she need to return or exchange. Then the woman's husband comes over to see what the ruckus is all about and the lady starts saying the cashier was asking for he rsocial security number and stuff...which is a lie, the cashier only asked for a last name. So the husband gets involved and again the cashier tries to explain that she only needed a last name, and the customer doesn't have to give it but if she loses her receipt, they have no way to look her up in the system and find the transaction. The woman goes on bitching and is really volatile towards the cashier but she remains calm and rings the customer up. Now I have worked/managed retail before and I know that yes, these companies sometimes ask for information..they want to send you coupons, track demographics, advertise to you etc....there probably isn't one company on this planet that doesn't do that. BUT I can also tell you from experience that the ones that complain the most about giving the information out are the first ones to lose their receipt and then come make a scene in the store again becuase they can't return or exchange now for the original price or whatever. But what we have in situations like this is people acting out violently because they are scared of identity theft, when they don't know what really occurs during identity theft and how it is pulled off. They get freaked out when you ask for their name or address yet they turn right around and hand you their credit they not realize that after the card is swiped their full first and last name as well as the last 4 digits of their credit card number shows up on the receipt?? If someone wanted to rob them all they would have to do is do like some criminals are doing and just write the numbers down or take a pic with their cellphone or something I understand people are worried about security, but if you are gonna be the one to freak out and yell about it at least know what the hell you are talking about.
  • I work as a manager at a grocery retailer. I see situations like the one you describe on a weekly basis. Yesterday, both my boss and I were screamed at because Pepsi changed their packaging. "That's not Pepsi!" "Ma'am, it says Pepsi right here, they just changed the design on the bottle." "It's not the same thing, I'm leaving!" - Ugh!
  • While I agree with that you have to realize most people don't have the capacity to realize those facts. That's how identities get stolen in the first place. Hell a lot of people don't realize your identity can be stolen from your liscence plates. It requires a lie to the company the car came from but if you are convincing it can be done.
  • Well sure, but these people have emotional problems and probably can't control their reactivity. The trick is not to get sucked in.
  • Ignorance is always irritating. And, maybe that's the way it should be.
  • Highly. There are enough stories of idiots and their emotional responses to challenge the bandwidth of this website, so I will refrain from regaling anyone with more literary litter. Suffice it to say, the further I am from those types, the less medication I need.
  • Ya know, she could simply have asked the cashier why she needed the last name, and listened to the explanation. If she did not wish to give her name after hearing the explanation, she could reply, "no thanks." It really isn't hard to be polite. It's also a matter of common decency to assume that the cashier has a legitimate reason for asking. Now that the holiday shopping season is upon us, I'm sure we'll all witness more of this crassness. Your story will, I hope, remind us to keep our cool.
  • I use to work retail 10 yrs ago. That was before you asked for peoples Email address their phone numbers and last names so I can only imagine how hard that must be!! People suck!!
  • It's annoying to say the least. Seeing people like that get worked up over such small things when there are more serious problems in this world to be concerned about. Some people are just drama queens I suppose. God help 'em when a real problem occurs.
  • Do you mean like this?
  • wow. that lady is freakin' paranoid and needs to get her story straight. I understand asking what for but B****ing about it ain't right. Its just like a person telling you a friendly hi or something and you yelling RAPE!! If the cashier didn't ask for social then she didn't. don't be tellin' lies. Plus the husband could have just asked why too, not take his wives side but explain to her why they need just her last name. I don't mean to sound mean or anything but its true

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