• I spend about 4 hours. I dont think its enough, but I would really like to spend my time doing other things.
  • Depends. Do you have laundry, cleaning or vacuum that day?
  • At least four, my teacher in elementary school always said that.
  • I spend 1 hour on homework.My sisters and brothers spends 2 or more hours on Homework.
  • as long as it take to get it finished to the best of your ability
  • My school says 2 hours each night, but that's no way enough for me, i spend forever on it and still dont get it completed, but thats cos it takes me quite a while to get into it and i'm quite easily distracted especially if i dont want to do the work. like now...answerbag distracted me whilst i was beginning my economics coursework :P
  • I usually spend about 2 hours actually doing the homework and an hour studying, which gets me ahead.
  • That would depend on how much homework you were assigned and whether you have something you don't understand and should study. You should spend as long as it takes for you to do all of your work to the best of your ability, and make sure to ask questions about anything you don't understand rather than not doing it.
  • i dont know how much you should spend..but I spend at least 2-3 hours a night. its not that bad though really.
  • Not as many as I should... and I really need to change that.
  • I wouldn't say it takes a specific amount, but I think that no matter what I should be in bed before ten. (I really should start following that again.) All my homework is cut and paste type things and I'm terribly slow with mindless work like that. Plus, it's easier to get distracted that way for me.
  • two hours for every hour of class and do in shorter incriments 30- 45 min and then take a 15 min break
  • Personally, I don't have much homework, so I spend about 1/2 hour to an hour, never usually more.
  • Less than 10 minutes. Homework is only math, and math is easy, to me.
  • i spend 1, but im in 7th grade
  • my teachers say about 2 hours per subject. I have SO much work just now. it's not so much homework, more learning endless lists of biology terms and french verbs. my actual homework probably takes about an hour a night but i spend maybe 3 hours on top of that learning things I'll forget the next day.
  • i spend 3 to 5 hours every night and somtimes more. and i really do mean every night even on weekends i have 3 or more hours. sometimes i dont even go to bed i spend all night trying to finish a project. my teacers say it should only take u a couple of hours to finish all of ur hw from all of ur classes but thats not true. how do they know what i have to do.

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