• Suffragettes have always fought and maintained that a woman (all women) should have choices in their lives. In other words, whatever choice is made, for THAT woman, the choice, if it is of her own accord, is RIGHT.
  • Not at all. Raising kids can be challenging and takes more than most people wanna give parents credit for. I am not a parent, but I admire women who run a household just as much as those who run a business.
  • No not at all! you never waste anything by staying home to be with ur kids and raise them if anything u r gaining sumting by watching ur kids grow and develop and not missing a moment of that is priceless and later on in life ur gonna be happy with this decesion.
  • Perhaps so but tis her decision.
  • No. A career might boost her self-esteem, but in the long run, our legacy, our children are more important than what we do with our time on earth. Well-raised children are far more valuable than mere money.
  • Absolutely not. I support whatever choice she makes. I myself am an intelligent and skilled woman and would love to be a stay at home mom.
  • No as you've said shes an intelligent woman she knows what she wants to do and what she thinks is best for her kids : )
  • Not particularly. She's just putting her talents to work raising her children. That's not an easy job, and most parents mess it up by not giving it the attention that it needs.
  • Starting with some higher degree of intelligence and skills, probably. But this could also make her happier. I would suggest that she seeks some household help (a husband could be sufficient), if she can afford it. I am not considering money issues here, more the chance to develop a particular talent for astrophysics or philology, for instance.
  • Do you not think that raising children requires intelligence and skills?
  • Only if she feels that way.
  • Not at all. It's her decision.
  • no, one of the finest talents a woman can do, is to stay at home and be a loving mother to her children, that is one of the most beautiful skills any one can aquire ! :) lucky to be the woman with children any way :)
  • Not at all! Raising well rounded children is not for the weak.
  • No. There will always be opportunities to use talents later on.
  • Absolutely not. She will be sharing her intelligence and skills with others. (Her children).
  • Imagine how much positive influence she can have on the world by raising those children in such an environment.
  • An extremely intelligent and skilled woman would make an exceptional mother. There is no job in the world more important than motherhood.
  • I'm sure youre just asking a curious question here and you mean no offense. I am a stay at home mom. I am intelligent, I am skilled and I choose to stay home b/c I personally feel its me the kids need raising them, not a daycare. They get one childhood, one chance to grow up and I want to be there for every bit that I can. And for the working mothers, they have their own reasons for working and thats wonderful too! It doesnt mean that a working mother is any less of a good mother vs a stay at home one. Whether you stay home or you work, you are still devoted to your family. No, I am not wasting my talent. I am doing what I love and loving what I do.
  • not at comes before everything
  • Of course not. Being a Mother is the most important "job" in the world.
  • I think it is a personal choice. When the kids are babies I think it is better to stay home if you can. But with today's economy not everyone has that luxury. People can work and raise a family but it makes for a very very busy day.
  • Yes. It is obviously wasting that particular talent if it isn't being used. However, there isn't anything wrong with making a conscious decision to do that (if that is something a woman wants or needs to do).
  • No, her talents are hers to do with as she sees fit.

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