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  • things would never be the same again. i may be forgiving but im not forgetful.
  • when your in that situation in the beginning you do forgive them and make excuses for them. once you have the courage to leave then no i cant forgive him.
  • No - never - that would be the end of that relationship!
  • NO, NO, NO, a thousand times NO!
  • I could forgive him, but I wouldn't stay in the relationship. I think people are capable of change, but I'm not going to sit around and get beat waiting for it to happen.
  • No never
  • Of course after he has gone and killed himself in remorse...
  • Forgive, maybe, but leave, yes. I wouldn't stay with a five year old brat in a grown man's body. Better off living in a box in an alley.
  • Accidents happen, and his actions were no accident. His intensions are clear.. he has no respect for you and feels the need to display such by hurting and over-powering you through force and intimidation. He does not seek forgiveness, he knows it was wrong and seeks your approval in the form of your forgiveness. He knows if you stay you accept and approve this type of behavior and it WILL happen again. Abuse doesn't happen by accident it is intentional and disrepectful to say the least, why forgive someone who thinks so little of you? You don't owe him anything but divorce papers and if the door happens to hit him on the butt as you throw his a$$ out the door, so be it.
  • He can't....he's already dead (I don't have one but if i did yes)
  • No. I'd leave him.
  • No i wouldn't i find that sort of thing unforgivable:)
  • I would leave. Forgiveness is something for yourself, to let go of anger... so yes, I would eventually forgive. But I would NOT stay. Please believe, even if you don't think so right now, there is something better out there for you. There was for me, and I'm sorry I waited so long to go after it.
  • Only if what he beat me at was table tennis. Hit me once and it is o.v.e.r. Threaten to hit me and don't be surprised to find yourself all alone in the house when you come home from work. Homey don't play that game.
  • never in a moth of sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maybe eventually I would, but I would never stay with him.
  • No. Period.
  • No, I would never forgive anyone that raised a hand to hit me.
  • I would forgive him, but from a distance far, far away.
  • I would forgive him, and then I would forget him.
  • A man shouldn't hit a woman in the first place. (beat is a big word)
  • Definetely not. No woman deserves that.
  • No, he wouldn't live to even try to apologize.
  • I have a number of cases where the husband is a wife beater. They have been getting it since they were married but then in the Indian society divorce and such things are a taboo so no one wants to think like that. They use emotional blackmail and dowry as the weapon on women!Every single day there are death reports in the paper regarding this!The woman never fends for herself and if she does then the society still disowns her, including her own parents and friends! I know this may sound very archaic but that is the case!I would never forgive a man if he does something like that if I were in their place!
  • I would have to say I would forgive him the first time. Then again it should have never happened. That's how it starts out. One time sometimes leads to several times.
  • I am a man, and every stable man has enough self control to not act violently towards a woman. Self defense is another issue, and no woman should act violently towards her husband, which is something that is actually becoming more commonplace sadly. If a man beats his wife, that is unforgivable, and it is a wife's responsibility to move for seperation at this point, especially if there are children in the relationship, or any thought of ever having children. A man who beats his wife once, is a man who beats his wife. And a man who acts so irrational as to beat his wife, is a man who can rationalize beating his children, make no mistake about this. Report it, and get the hell out of there, all love and respect is lost at this point. There are no valid excuses, such as intoxication, we choose to become intoxicated, and we must accept responsibility for whatever actions are brought about by such a choice.
  • NO!!! No further discussion. There is no reason for beating anyone.
  • yes but I wonder if he'd do the same after I burned him with a hot pot of grits??
  • I could yes. But he wouldn't be alive to enjoy it.
  • Yes. After I'd killed him.
  • I think I would run. Verbal abuse is just as bad. So either I would run. Its not a matter of forgiving as staying sane and safe. Alot of people stay with abusive spouses because of co-dependency or just having no way to make it on their own. In the long run if there is danger run.
  • No, I would be very upset. I wouldn't hit him back either because two wrongs do not make a right.
  • I wish I could forgive him. But I cant. I never will and that is the only way I can continue on.
  • HELL. . . . . . . . . .NO! Kick his ass to the curb. . . . .PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hell no!
  • The first thing I'd do is go to the police & file charges. Forgiving someone for abusing you is a very hard thing to do. I"ve been in that scenario, & many of the ppl I help have been too, & its almost impossible to forgive them, even tho God says that we have to forgive those who have hurt us. Its easier said than done I"m afraid.
  • NO 100000X's
  • Why not, of course, :) but he would have to promise me that he wont tell the police that I broke his jaw, and a few teeth. :) that what my wife told me.
  • No. I will never forgive my father for beating my mother. Why would I forgive anyone for beating me.
  • No i would never forgive him for putting his hands on me. Make him seek some kind of treatment (anger management)or something. if it was the only time it happened. Let him know you wont stand for "being disrespected again". if its not the first time then u need the help too...
  • You can forgive....but do it from afar. Get away fast and far.
  • No, I never hit or use cruel words, nor should he. I would leave in a heartbeat.
  • I would say "of course not...I'd just leave, blah blah blah...." . the reality is....I don't know if I could leave...I don't know if I am as strong as I once was
  • Nope...Not ...Never! There is no way I can love a man if I fear him and I have to walk on egg shells.
  • If he beat me at scrabble, no. At other games, yes. Joking answers aside, I would not marry someone who would beat me. My husband is a gentle person, even when angry. I also have the ability to defend myself in spades and would not allow a man to beat me. And were I someone different and a man beat me, I might forgive, but I would not forget, nor would I live with such a man. No good man would beat a woman.

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