• I feed sunflower seeds only. If I get a lot of Blackbirds I switch to safflower seed. I also hang suet for the wood peckers.
  • If you have a nursery nearby, try paying them a visit. I just spent quite awhile at one this afternoon. Plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs. Gardening supplies of all kinds. And guess what? An area that had bird houses, bird feeders and many diffeent brands/kinds of food! I even saw a special feeder meant specifically for sunflower seeds. I got a packet of "something" that I'll mix with water - then fill my hummingbird feeder with it. If I like it, they had a bulk box of several packets. Had several bags of different sorts of bird seed. Had those "bells" .. covered with bird see you can hang, etc. This was originally posted back in November. Did you settle on something in the meantime, or did you wait for spring - and now - well, it's spring!! :)
  • Petsmart would have some. Many dollar stores carry birdseed of unknown quality. has it.

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