• i would maybe call the court and ask them that question just to be sure
  • Probably not.
  • That is an error on your official documentation. If you get a lawyer, you should be able to get the case dropped. There are loopholes that can let you off if the police or courts screw up the paperwork. it is their responsibility to make sure all their papers are in order. If they fail that, then you might get off scott free.
  • You can hope!!! It was written for the 29th
  • Maybe. Maybe not. But you should make darn sure the court will be closed that particular day. And if you want to see if it's something you can fight, ask an attorney. If you call the court to ask, what will likely happen is you will be rescheduled OR it may be noted that you noticed the problem and then deliberately chose not to do anything about it, which will NOT go over well with the court.
  • If you show up Monday, you could have a warrant. I would show up on Wednesday, because the court will probably be closed on Thursday and Friday.
  • If the court is closed on the day in question then go in Monday and pay your fine or attempt to dispute the citation. I don't know about anywhere else in the world, but here fighting it because the court date was wrong will get the judge to laugh at you.
  • No, the citation is still valid. The court will recognize this problem and notify you of a corrected court date.
  • Why take a chance, go take care of your ticket before the 29th.
  • No, the ticket is still valid. However, are you sure you read the ticket correctly? In many jurisdictions the date on the ticket is the LAST day to go to court. Most traffic courts have open dockets and you can show up any day. Also, are you sure the court is closed on Saturday? Many jurisdcitions also have traffic court at night, or on a Saturday, at least once a month.
  • The billet is still valid. Many of those "urban legends" you hear about small mistakes on tickets somehow deeming them invalid are simply not true. If you want to fight the ticket there are alternatives. I live in a very big city. Every time I receive a citation I simply enter a plea of not guilty and ask for a jury trial. Before your first hearing simply speak to the prosecutor and you can generally settle for less the 50% of the ticket. Again this works for me because I'm in a large city that has no interest in facilitating jury trials for traffic violations. May not be the same everywhere. Do you have any friends that are lawyers? If so ask them their thoughts. BTW traffic court can keep strange hours; it could very easily be open on Saturday.
  • Immediately call or better yep visit the court and explain the situation. Be sure to take any related paperwork including the ticket with you. Showing up after the scheduled court date might be a bad idea.
  • Either that or (more likely) visit the clink for not apprising the court of the officer's mistake beforehand! ;-)
  • Call ASAP, it won't be there fault. I thought I didn't have to go, because this happend to me? Wrong I got a Arrest Warrant put out for me, even though the person on the telephone said there's no need to come, if it's was wrote for a SATURDAY! Don't believe them go to court on the Friday before. BE SAFE NOT SORRY, LIKE I WAS!!!
  • 7-18-2017 Show up as ordered and then forget it. The plaintiff failed to show to present a charge and the court failed to show to hear the charge There is no rescheduling because you have a right to a speedy trial, and you don't owe anything because there was no trial.

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