• Newsflash....whites were slaves in the South right along side blacks.
  • Most African Americans I know (and other people from groups that might be considered a minority) are intelligent enough to not deny the fact that there's been slavery in other eras and parts of the world. Most are also smart enough to not make sweeping generalizations.
  • There is no "first to be slaves" in the history of slavery. Almost every empire has been built on the backs of slaves. But that was thousands of years ago. You probably can't even trace your lineage back that far. But slavery ended relatively recently in the US.
  • Flamer.
  • Not to mention Africans were held as slaves by other Africans. Can't help you with an answer to the question though. I don't really get it myself. Cause they're allowed to? I never hear that up here, and we did have slaves in the past in Canada too.
  • Your question is such a broad generalization that it is basically nonsense. What is it you are really asking? Native Americans were also taken as slaves, and I have read that young girls are being kidnapped into slavery even today. What is your point?
  • Because there are people alive today that have heard their relatives tell stories of slavery. Rome was thousands of years ago.
  • "Black people act..." Is a rather severe generalization. I know black people that almost never mention it unless someone else brings it up. Their problem with it is not so much that it happened, but that it went on for so long and they were treated less than for such a long period of time right here in the very country they helped to build for free without restutition or salary where all of the white people doing the same labor were paid employees. They were subsurvient and treated worse then the family pets for generations and that took its toll on their humanity and their mental states. They have a right to be angry about it. Not directly toward any one white person in general as this too is generalizing but you know... You can't have that in common with anyone unless you go through it. Let them have their complaint and their empowerment. They earned it! Like I said, Most black people don't act like that, but for the ones who do, they probably had a Grandfather or a grandmother directly effected by it... it hurts. It is generational and it is difficlut to carry around with you when no one wants to hear about a really embarassing fucked up part of American History. I know... Im American Indian and my grandmother was treated like crap by an A-hole white man becuase she was Indian and made to put up with it because she was told that she was less then the White man. She raised 14 kids in a cold water, 2 room flat and was beaten and treated less than a white woman would have been just because she was Indian.
  • They're being bamboozled by Liberals who promise them anything, but deliver nothing. They've been doing it for decades, almost centuries, now, and very successfully. The downside is that as long as black people wait expectantly for a savior to rescue them, they're not doing what every other race that came to America did. They're not taking advantage of the American Dream. It takes hard work. And there will be roadblocks. But ask an Italian American, or a Chinese American, or Irish- or any of a dozen other groups who were discriminated against in the past. If you TRY, and stop waiting for a handout, you'll get a helluva lot further than you will hoping that liberals will some day come running to your rescue.
  • Actually, the Jews were slaves to the Egyptians a couple of thousand years before the Roman empire even existed.
  • Really? I've never had one act that way around me.
  • I've never experienced anyone 'acting' that way.
  • What difference does it make who were slaves first? It was wrong then and will always be wrong.
  • your question=broad stereotypical generalization. Let's ask a question that needs brainpower, yes?
  • I too think that the first words of this question points in another direction altogether. "ACTING" means that you promote something that may be yourself, or then again, be something of someone else. Contemporary African Americans have grandparents who are alive and have direct memory of family slavery. It merits talking about. To cite slavery as being confined to one group or another is simply silly. Slavery has been the answer to what to do with conquered people all through history. Oh yes, and we ALL can trace our ancestry to a very few certain points - doesn't matter if it were 2, 20 or 200,000 years - mitochondrial DNA ....
  • I don't think blacks think that. I don't. Also, every nation enslaved there own people, so there is no telling who was the "first slave", trying to claim that just means that you want an excuse to whine. I think most blacks (american blacks) are affected by racism that still exists, just like asians and latinos and whites and people of mixed races.
  • I just think if your unsuccessful in life you tend to make excuses or blame someone or something on your own failures. Obviously not all African Americans fall in to this category. But some do just as some use it as motivation to be successful.
  • If anybody has he right to complain its the American Indians, Now there is a race that was totally screwed over.

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