• It's because they are subconsciously embarrassed about their beliefs and lifestyle so they pick on you guys to make them feel better about themselves.
  • Are adopting? Geez, I thought that had always been the case for at least 2,000 years...
  • I'm not a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim, but I would assume that at the core, all three of these groups fear the others. Each of them suggests a view of the world that is mutually exclusive, so another view is competition. Add to this the history of conflict between the groups and I think your question is answered.
  • You'll find people from all religions that have hostile feelings toward others. I however have no hostile feelings toward any religions. My parents enrolled both my brother an I at a school that had both an English and Arabic program. Actually the best babysitter I ever had was only in Canada so she and her husband could attend school. The entire family treated my family as if we were a part of theres. They moved to Iran and we only get to see them once maybe twice a year when they come to visit.
  • I do not think that all Christians and Jews have a hostile attitude to Muslims, but many find the very idea of Islam offensive. In Christianity, Jesus was the last of the Prophets and the Bible says that any prophets coming after him are going to be false Prophets. For this reason, there is no place in Christianity for Mohommed.For Christians, Jesus was the seal of the Prophets and to suggest that anyone who came after him is considered by many to be blasphemy and an insult against God. I suspect that some Jews hate Muslims because of the political situation in the Middle East. In the Bible, God gave the land of Palestine/Israel to the Jews and told them to kill everone in it that was not a Jew. Some very devout Jews regard Palistinian Arabs as trespassers in their home. I am not a Christian or a Jew, but that is my understanding of the matter.
  • Another reason for hostility towards Muslims by some Christians and Jews is due to centuries of conflict with Islam. Some Hindu's hate Muslims for the same reason. At the time of the Prophet Mohommed, North Africa and the modern countries of Turkey, Syria,Iraq,Jordan and Israel were mostly Christian.Following the death of Mohommed, his followeres conqured these areas apart from what is today modern Turkey.They also conqured most of Spain and part of southern France, until they were driven back out of France at the Battle of Tours in AD732.After several centuries, the Christians regined control of Spain. Between AD1095 and AD1270, Christians invaded Palistine, but the Muslims eventuallu drowv them out. In AD1070, Muslims invaded what is now Turkey and over the next few centuries they conqured the Balkans until they were driven back following the sirge of Vienna in AD1689. In the AD1800'S Europeean Christians conqured most of the Muslim World and kept control until after the Second World War. Since then, there has been the Conflict in the Middle East, in which Christians generally support Israel. In India, Muslims conqured most of the country in the AD1500'S and went on to rule over Hindu's until the British took over. With all these centuries of conflict, it is not surprising that many Christians, Jews and Hindu's have hostile attitudes towards Muslims.
  • I'll keep it basic...fear of the unknown, maybe some fear from what has transpired over recent years, ignorance. There are extremists in all faiths, and they are the ones that give all faiths a bad name in some way shape or form. My take on the Muslim religion....I don't know much about it, I figure they are just people just trying to live their life, pay their bills, and raise their kids, just like the rest of us. I have no problem with the religion.
  • Probably more than anything, they are misled by the events of the "bad" Muslims such as those involved in terrorist activities. It is hard enough to get someone to investigate their own religion, and darn near impossible to get them to investigate another religion, so these uninformed people are going to go around thinking that Islam teaches that if you kill Christians you will be rewarded in Heaven. As a Muslim, what you can do in the meantime is to keep putting out information showing the positive side of Islam and do all you can to set these people straight.
  • Fear and ignorance mostly. Also some religious faiths have little tolerance for completion and have what I consider an insane level of "brand" loyalty. You would think that most people of faith would respect those who have found a religion for themselves even though it was in a different flavor than theirs - but loyalty to a religion is akin to loyalty to a football team - and rational thinking goes out the window when discussing either of them. We who are not involved in the argument find this very amusing to watch - if not just a bit sick.

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