• I haven't seen that it is. But it does seem that it is acceptable for them to insult people of faith.
  • Same reason it is socially acceptable to discriminate against homosexuals and the overweight.
  • Because we, like the others, are deemed WRONG! so what's my rights?
  • Because we're seen as a threat to the "American way of life".
  • Because we make up a minority of about 10%, and the theistic 90% have some pretty extreme people who think anyone who dosen't believe in their skydaddy should be ridiculed, (shun, shun the non believer and all that). So people tend to listen to whatever their pope, preacher, messiah, prophet, storybook(The Bible), ect. says to do. And since the government frowns on public stonnings nowadays, they settle for limiting our rights instead.
  • Dude SHUT UP! Not long ago they burnt us at the stake. Just be glad all they do now is mock us.
  • probably for the same reasons its still socially acceptable to descriminate against Christians..
  • it isn't socially acceptable to discriminate against any group...
  • We're going to hell, they know they won't have to see us much longer.
  • Religions is a huge shadow tree that has very deep roots. Anyone tryig to uproot the tree must be prepared for resistance. Not just from the tree but from those enjoying the shade of the tree. The phenomenon you describe is a manifestation of the reluctance of those who wouldn't want to leave the shadow of the shady tree known as religion. The reality is that both can co-exist if only they realized how.
  • The same reason it's still socially acceptable to treat felons as second class citizens. As an atheist you're throwing yourself to the mercy of the majority. The majority are under no obligation (democratic or otherwise) to treat you any better than they would any wannabe rebel and social parasite. Atheists are not a social group or recognised minority. .
  • The problem is stereotyping and generalizing. There are deeply thoughtful atheists and deeply thoughtful believers. and then there are pushy atheists and pushy believers. What I choose not to be around is the pushy in any group.
  • Where are they discriminated against? The Bible predicts that this world will have turmoil and people will lack natural affection in 2 Tim 3:1-5, so we shouldn
  • Probably no more so than how it's now socially acceptable to bash Christians.
  • not sure, i dont discriminate against them

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