• Well this not a personal injury law answer..but...There was a women here near our town a few years ago that was suing because she wanted the "Deer Crossing" sign removed from near her house because the deer kept crossing there and getting hit by cars. Her rational? If the sign wasn't there, the deer would not be crossing there and getting hit.
  • This is an urban myth as I have now been corrected: I heard of a case in the US where a woman bought a mobile home and was told it had cruise control. She got it on the highway, put it in cruise control at whatever speed then got up out of her seat and went into the back to make a cup of tea. The mobile home crashed off the highway, she sued the mobile home company for not giving her enough information about cruise control and won.
  • An Inmate in New York State sued the State because his ice cream was melted after dinner.
  • Good old Roy Pearson and his $54M pants.
  • There was a man who was breaking into a house. He was on the roof and looking through the sky light. The glass broke and he fell through landing on the residents bar in their kitchen. He sued the owners, admitting he was there to break in, and won the case! How stupid could that judge have been, the judge should have asked, "Did you learn your lesson?!?" not "Hey, sorry you fell in, here's some money..." Yeah, that's a real crime stopper, when the burgler gets money instead of punishment!
  • I heard of a man suing himself - something about suing the company that he owned for personal damages.
  • Here's one about a guy who sued the city of Lodi, CA because he hit his own car while he was driving a city vehicle:
  • Probability either the "too hot Apple Pie filling" or the "too hot Coffee" (both against McDonald's, I believe)!
  • There are a lot of funny ones. Look up Stella Awards. It started after a woman successfully sued McDonalds when she burned her crotch because she was holding her coffee between her legs while she was driving her car.
  • Havent heard of that one .. mobile home? ~I know the mcdonalds dame actually had very severe sixth degree burns s its not as trivial as it sounds ...
  • about the victoria secrets bra hurting this customer and she is suing the company because of this...%)
  • I heard somewhere that an inmate sued some guards because the guards didn't invite him to a Halloween party... I'm sure the guards weren't entitled to invite the inmate to that party :)
  • It is true that McDonalds was sued for their coffee being to hot, but what the public doesn't know is that the women was handing the coffee to her passenger when it spilled, and when it burned her, it was so hot that it caused NERVE DAMAGE in her lower extremity. Not to mention that McDonalds appealed the verdict and won. The women got "next to nothing" for her NERVE DAMAGED INURIES. People - Research some Case Law before you answer these questions with what you "believe". The answers are there for you if you just take the time to do a little reseach. Don't beleive what you read in the newpaper or hear on T.V., they don't give all of the facts for a reason. If you knew that the women lost the appeal, would the media be paid for ratings?
  • This one, I agree he should be compensated for losing his pants at the Dry Cleaners, but 65 million? That's just crazy. Lawyer's Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million By Marc Fisher Thursday, April 26, 2007; Page B01 When the neighborhood dry cleaner misplaced Roy Pearson's pants, he took action. He complained. He demanded compensation. And then he sued. Man, did he sue. Two years, thousands of pages of legal documents and many hundreds of hours of investigative work later, Pearson is seeking to make Custom Cleaners pay -- would you believe more than the payroll of the entire Washington Nationals roster? He says he deserves millions for the damages he suffered by not getting his pants back, for his litigation costs, for "mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort," for the value of the time he has spent on the lawsuit, for leasing a car every weekend for 10 years and for a replacement suit, according to court papers.
  • When a burgler was on a roof and fell through the skylight, then sued the owner of the house... seriously! And when McDonald's was sued by a customer claiming the coffee was too hot...WHAT?!!!!
  • There was a older couple who loved to set outside together in the evenings & watch the sun go down. One year a few kids started smashing the mailbox they had out front of their long driveway. Being it was to far away. They could never get the Lic: number, to turn them in. So after a few new boxes got replaced. The old man bought 2 new boxes. Only he put cement into one & set it up on the post. When those kids came by that evening & took a baseball bat to it. The old couple just set and laughed about it. Well a few day later the law comes to their home, & tells the older couple that they were being sued & had to come to court. The kid who used the bat, claimed that it hurt his arm & back when he hit that hard box. Would you believe the kid won the case?......One of the most crazy things I ever heard. .....What ever happen to true justice in this world?................M.C.S.

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